The chicks of “Chuck” and other reasons to watch


I’m stuck on Chuck.

(I just had to get that out of the way.) But gratuitous rhyming aside,

I am loving this show. Here’s one reason.

Her name is Yvonne Strahovski

and, obviously, she’s hot. But more about her in a minute.

Chuck is about a geeky

computer repair guy (redundant, I know), coincidentally named Chuck,

who gets an e-mail full of pictures embedded with government secrets

that are somehow downloaded to his brain. He can’t access the data,

though, until he sees something related to one of the pictures. The

NSA and CIA send agents to recover the data, but when they discover

that the top-secret files are hidden in Chuck’s mind, they have to protect

him while getting his help with spy stuff.

So, Chuck is a secret agent

on the side while trying to live a normal geek life. Jake 2.0

was similar, true. But Chuck doesn’t take itself so seriously.

The show has action, comedy, suspense and hot women. What’s not to love?

Maybe I wouldn’t like it so much if I weren’t a geek myself, but I am

and I do.

Strahovski (she changed her

name from Strzechowski) plays CIA agent Sarah Walker, who goes undercover

as a waitress at the Weinerlicious. She also pretends to be Chuck’s

girlfriend. Did I mention that she’s hot? Even in a cheesy waitress


Strahovski probably doesn’t

look familiar, outside of her resemblance to Portia de Rossi,

because this is the Australian actress’ first role in the U.S. By the

way, the ever-cool Adam Baldwin from Firefly plays NSA

agent John Casey.

OK. Everything I’ve told you

up till now is setup for what comes next. This is worth the price of

admission, I promise you. Here is Sarah at home, relaxing in her very

short silk robe.

Yes, readers,

a girl fight. Not Sydney versus Evil Francie great, but pretty darn

nice. The woman Sarah fights is Karina, a DEA agent from Sarah’s past,

played by Swedish model Mini Anden. Karina does interesting spy

things like strip down to a bikini and speed off on a jet ski. I hope

we see more of her. Not that she can show us much more on network TV.

Chuck’s sister, Ellie, is played

by Sarah Lancaster, most recently of What About Brian,

but perhaps better remembered as Madison on Everwood.

Rachel Bilson will guest

star as a romantic interest for Chuck in a story arc starting

in the next week or two. No word on whether her character will get any

ninja action with Sarah.

Is anyone else watching

? If you haven’t seen it yet, watch it — I think the show deserves

to succeed. If you have seen it, how do you like it?

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