Cathy Lanier television drama: Who’s the chief?


When I read the news that Fox planned to do a

based on

Cathy Lanier, I had only one thought. Who?

Turns out that Lanier has made

quite a splash in Washington, D.C., where she’s the new chief of police for the Metropolitan Police Department

of the District of Columbia (MPDC). Lanier’s story certainly sounds

like the stuff of television drama — she’s a 39-year-old single mother

who dropped out of high school in ninth grade because she was pregnant.

As any good protagonist would do, she pressed on, got her GED and eventually obtained

a B.A. and M.A. from Johns Hopkins, earned an advanced degree from Naval

Postgraduate School and attended the JFK School of Government at Harvard.

She also graduated from the FBI Academy and the DEA Drug

Unit Commanders Academy. Whew.

Lanier is MPDC’s first permanent

female police chief, leading a 3,800-member department that is predominately black

and male
. Staying

on the job hasn’t been easy, especially in the early ’90s

when she joined the force. She endured "unrelenting harassment

from male officers," eventually filing a sexual harassment suit

— which she won.

So far, according to The

Washington Post
, Lanier hasn’t been contacted about the project.

But that hasn’t stopped speculation about who should be cast as the

chief. The Post suggested The Departed‘s Vera Farmiga.

Or a woman I’d love to see

in a lead role, Laura Dern.

DCist, noting the physical

similarities, recommends Carmela Soprano

Edie Falco.

Perhaps the part of Lanier

could mark the return of Laura Innes to television.

Or a crush I haven’t seen in

awhile, Jayne Brook.

Who do you see in this role?

Any readers from D.C.? What do you think of a drama based

on Cathy Lanier? Would this be a better series or TV movie?

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