Ellen’s terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day


On her show today, a tearful Ellen DeGeneres shared some sad news. As you may have already read on People.com or another site, Ellen had to give away her dog Iggy because the pup didn’t get along with her cats. Trouble is, in finding the dog a new home, Ellen violated the terms of the adoption agreement she signed with the Mutts and Moms dog rescue agency.

Ellen gave the dog to her hairdresser’s daughters, ages 11 and 12. The agency called Ellen just to check on Iggy, and when she told them about his new living situation, they sent a representative to take the dog away from the kids. The adoption agreement stipulated that the dog was to be returned to the organization if things didn’t work out. “I thought I did a good thing,” Ellen said, sobbing and begging the agency to give the dog back to the girls. Here’s a clip:

Sigh. Here’s hoping it all works out, for everyone concerned. And I love Ellen for getting so choked up about the situation. She says what she thinks, especially lately, and most of the time I agree with her completely.

After her lachrymose plea, Ellen collected herself and said, "What a great show we have today!" That’s the other thing I love: She knows the show must go on. And what a show it is! Where else can you get your groove on to Destiny’s Child, play “Are You Smarter Than Someone in the Fifth Row?” and laugh at a joke about the “scaredycats” who are against gay marriage? She still rocks. I think Iggy would say so too, if he could learn that special barking language Lassie used on her show. “What’s that, boy? You want to go back to the kids’ house if you can’t stay with Mama Ellen and Mama Portia? And Timmy fell in the well again?!”

What do you think of Ellen’s tearful reaction: endearing or too emotional? And is there a cuter name for a dog than Iggy?

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