“South of Nowhere” Video Blog: Episode 3.8


Do you know that old saying, "Good things come to those who wait?"

We know that you have been waiting very, very (im)patiently for our big South of Nowhere mid-season finale extravaganza, and today we finally deliver the goods.

Our video blog for episode 3.8, "Gay Pride," includes a hot tub and movie stars (in bikinis!), the artistry of a famous guest-director (who at this point would like to be credited simply as "Alan Smithee"), as well as the typical We’re Getting Nowhere antics that you’ve come to know and tolerate love.

In addition to our standard Maeve Quinlan-worship, we also wax poetic about Spencer’s trench coat and Ashley’s booty shorts. Our video blog for Episode 3.8 also includes helpful information about:

  • How to win an invitation to Jill’s Dante’s Cove premiere (hint: it involves a visit to her myspace page)
  • What really happens at Gay Pride in Los Angeles
  • The dangers of resting one’s bare legs on a leather sofa

We hope you enjoy, and if you behave yourselves you might just get a saucy video blog chock full of outtakes from this train wreck one day next week! (Look for our next Top Model vlog next week, too.)

South of Nowhere Video Blog: Episode 3.8

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