Malinda and Sarah’s Women of Color Video Blog, No. 1: The Meet and Greet


Now that Sarah, Lori, Karman, Dara and Jill have made video blogging the Hot New Thing at, I broke down and gave in. Yes, I, too have gotten myself a camcorder and slapdashedly taught myself how to cobble edit together a video blog, co-hosted by me and my friend Sarah Pecora (who was also on my panel rating the Top 15 Hottest Butches), talking aimlessly (and hopefully, a bit humorously) about a subject we hold near and dear to our hearts: people like us of color in entertainment!

Sarah (left) and Malinda (right) explain themselves

Since this is our first video blog, please bear with us while we goof around with the technical details and learn how to light ourselves properly (yes, I see the huge shadow looming behind Sarah’s head — oops!). We also do not yet have a name for our vlog, but we do have a suggestion for what we’d like to call it, and we hope you’ll contribute your ideas, too.

For our inaugural episode, we offer you a wrap-up of some of the women of color we saw in TV and film this summer, namely:

GirltrashAngela Robinson‘s web series that you can watch right here on It’s currently on hiatus while Angela is busy working on other projects (including The L Word), but she has said she’ll get back to the trashy goodness this fall.

Jekyll — BBC America’s creepily fantastic and absorbing re-telling of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, which aired in August and just came out on DVD. It also features two lesbian characters, detectives Miranda (Meera Syal) and Min (Fenella Woolgar). Read about them here.

Itty Bitty Titty Committee Jamie Babbit’s latest film about a riot grrl-type feminist group, complete with anarchy, romance and a fabulous research montage. Read our review of the film here and get a behind-the-scenes peek here.

So without further ado, here’s our first vlog. We hope you like it!

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