Sarah Shahi cops out for “Life”


Well, damn. Now I’m going to have to watch Life, too. After carefully plotting out my fall TV viewing schedule, I had committed to not adding any more shows. I am but one poor, tired blogger. I cannot carry this weight alone. At some point I need to sleep and see sunlight again. Please, no more. But, alas, the television gods had other plans for me, because after I had decided against watching Life — despite the delicious Sarah Shahi — they had to go and show me this.

Oh, Sarah. A white tank top? You’re not even playing fair. It’s like the lesbian Field of Dreams: If you wear it, they will come. I fly the white flag of surrender. You win, I’ll watch. Go ahead and cover up now — your diabolical plan worked.

Actually, I had been somewhat interested in Life before being suckered into submission by the siren call of the white tank top. Mainly, the idea of Sarah packing heat and taking names was the draw. But I’m still not totally sold on the premise. A cop gets framed, sentenced to life in prison, acquitted years later and then decides to go back to work as a cop as a sly way to find out who framed him in the first place? Uh, isn’t this The Fugitive but with firmer legal ground and without Harrison Ford?

The new publicity shots highlight something else I’ve noticed with the marketing of some of fall’s new offerings. The first round of photos comes out, and then later, perhaps in the face of lukewarm reviews, the second round comes out with, shall we say, a decidedly different look. It happened with the Bionic Woman. Take a look at these promo shots for Life from May (top) and September (bottom) and tell me if you can pinpoint the difference.

Seriously, what’s with all these female cops in tank tops? Not that I disapprove. But I’m trying to remember the last time I got pulled over for speeding and the officer sauntered up to me in a tank top and jeans. Or the last time she looked like Sarah Shahi. Hmm, maybe I should start speeding more, just in case.

Life premieres Wednesday, Sept. 26 at 10/9c on NBC.