Breaking news: There are no lesbians on network TV. What?!


Just in time for the fall TV season, GLAAD has released its 12th annual Where We Are on TV report, and the answer is — brace yourselves — we’re nowhere.

Or, to put it differently, lesbians and bisexual women do exist on network TV, but we’re competing with Lucy Liu for screentime. (We already love you, Bonnie Somerville on Cashmere Mafia.)

Or we’re a cartoon (hi, Julie Kavner as Patty Bouvier on The Simpsons) or a mayor with a pretty small audience (keep on keepin’ on, Libby Villari on Friday Night Lights.) Otherwise, no, we don’t really exist. In case you hadn’t noticed. And even though there are way more gay men on TV (waaay!), they’re mostly white, which makes them just as misrepresented. Sure, things are better on cable, but must we be ghettoized so relentlessly?

In short, GLAAD has pretty much justified every rant we’ve ever done here on Read the report (and behold their very clear, very sobering graphics) and weep! And then thank GLAAD for getting the word out, because maybe someday someone will listen.

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