South of Nowhere Video Blog: Episode 3.7


What is it with the whole fighting obsession on South of Nowhere of late?

Last week they were "Fighting Crime," this week "Saturday Night is For Fighting." You know, when Spencer and Ashley were together, there was hardly any fighting at all. Except for that one cheerbitch smack down in the locker room…but that was all Madison’s fault.

But nowadays, Aiden is beating the crap out of strangers, Kyla has mysteriously become verbally abusive, and Arthur is practically threatening Paula with divorce if she doesn’t drop her homophobia with Spencer.

Anyway, we — Jill, Dara and I–hardly fought at all this week on our show (aka video blog). In fact, we peacefully agreed on several things, including:

  • Spencer’s coolness for standing up to Paula about being a lesbian
  • Matt Cohen’s acting chops in his portrayal of a very broken Aiden
  • That we should all wear t-shirts shamelessly promoting Maeve Quinlan’s hotness

There’s only one episode left to go until the mid-season SoN hiatus, and we plan to go out with a bang. Yep, we’re still teasing our Very Special Episode of "We’re Getting Nowhere" that will be posted in the coming weeks. We’ll need a little extra time to work on this one, folks, seeing as how we’re trying to bring some professionals into the picture to help us clean up our act. In the meantime, look for our very first America’s Next Top Model video blog, coming very soon! If you think we can make a mess of a bunch of drama-laden teenagers, imagine what we can do with a roomful of half-starved pretty girls!

South of Nowhere Video Blog: Episode 3.7

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