South of Nowhere Video Blog: Episode 3.6


The most recent episode of South of Nowhere, "Fighting Crime," featured little fighting or crime. Unless you consider the lack of cute girls kissing each other a crime, which of course the three of us do.

Don’t be fooled by the picture below, all things Spashley are still decidedly off at this point on SoN. Yes, there are undertones of attraction and flirtation, but they remain submerged in the primordial goo of Ashley’s narcissism. But we’re not giving up hope!

In our video blog this week, we discuss:

  • Ashley’s pipes
  • Spencer’s mingling abilities
  • Madison’s questionable dance moves
  • And why even when she is trying to help, Paula is just a little bit scary.

Please note that an egg was harmed in the making of this video blog.

Finally, we mention an upcoming “extravaganza” season finale blog–real actors (besides Jill), a real director, a hot tub, etc.–but we mixed up the dates for when that episode is going to air. It’s not the next episode, but the one after– for the mid-season “finale.” The next episode of our blog will be whacktastic business as usual.

Sorry about that. I don’t know how I got it wrong. I guess I was just all jacked up on Mountain Dew!

South of Nowhere Video Blog: Episode 3.6

Friday night update from Sarah: Many of you have been experiencing problems watching this video, and accessing the site at times. These are actually two different and unrelated problems: we’re struggling with some site stability issues for today, and Veoh has been having widespread, intermittent problems with embedded video for the last few days (they’ve acknowledged this in their support forums and are working on a fix). Apologies for this! All you can do is try back again later – and if the Veoh problems continue, we’ll switch to another video player for the next vlog.

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