Kate Walsh fans, proceed at your own risk


So, the AfterEllen.com legal department told me I had to put a disclaimer on this post. They kept talking about possible liabilities and class action suits resulting from injuries related to mass fainting spells and/or hearing loss due to uncontrollable squeals of delight. So I’ve decided the only prudent way to proceed is to ease you slowly into the facts. So here goes. Prepare yourself. First of all, it’s about Kate Walsh.

All right, that seemed to go well. Do you need a sip of water? No? Fine, let’s move on. So, Kate Walsh is dancing. OK, now I’m pretty sure you need that glass of water. Hold on, I’ll get it. All better? Good, now I want you to sit down for this last part. I mean it. Are you sitting? It’s Kate Walsh dancing in (deep breath) nothing but a towel.

OK, fine, so what I referred to as the AfterEllen.com legal department is really just the voices in my head. But, still, one can never be too careful with clips like that. In the new sneak peek at Kate’s Grey’s Anatomy spin-off Private Practice, Dr. Addison Montgomery let’s the rhythm get her in her new California beach house. Now that is the kind of near-naked dancing I can actually get behind. I think I can safely speak for everyone here when I say that Taye Diggs is one lucky man.

The preview is part of a slew of new promos and press for the series, which premieres Sept. 26. This week, Kate is the cover girl for Entertainment Weekly. The accompanying story features quotes from Kate, show creator Shonda Rhimes and costars. Read the whole thing here. The best news? The talking elevator is dead. Though why it ever lived in the first place we’ll probably never know.

And just so they don’t think I’m playing favorites, I would like to let Kate’s cast-mates Amy Brenneman, Audra McDonald and KaDee Strickland know that I would be happy to blog about them as well, just as soon as they dance around in their birthday suits. What? I’m just trying to be fair.

So, are you excited for the premiere? Will the show rebound from its lackluster pilot? Can Kate get any cuter? That last question was, clearly, rhetorical.

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