SHE MADE ME WATCH THIS! Fall pilot review: “Aliens in America”, “Reaper” and “Cane”


In our final pilot review before the fall season begins in a few weeks, Lori

and I discuss what works (and doesn’t work) about three more new fall pilots:


in America
(The CW), Reaper

(The CW), and Cane


The short version? Cane is the Jimmy Smits-led Latino family drama,

Reaper is the Buffy-esque dramedy of a young man who discovers

on his 21st birthday that his parents sold his soul to the devil, and Aliens

explores how a Wisconsin family reacts when a Pakistani Muslim exchange student

comes to live with them (hint: not well).

Since most of the lead characters in these shows are men, why do you care? Reaper and Cane were created/written by women, and the prejudice Raja faces in Aliens will probably seem more than a little familiar to lesbian and bi women in the U.S.

Also, Reaper is one of the funniest dramedies we’ve seen on TV in a long time.

Why else do you care? Missy Peregrym. Paola

. Original Cindy Valerie Rae


Plus Rita Moreno, Amy Pietz

and a teenage girl who’s "sweetly unaware of how good looking she is."

(Seriously, you can’t make this stuff up.)

Watch the vlog below (no major spoilers) — and next weekend, look

for our vlog about Jodie Foster‘s new movie The

Brave One

She Made Me Watch This! Fall Pilot Review:

Aliens, Reaper and Cane

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