Tina and tennis: What’s not to love?


I’ve been loving every minute of the U.S. Open. (OK, maybe not Serena’s pouty press conference, but never mind that for now.) From Marion Bartoli‘s insanely intricate serve preparation — isn’t she kind of adorable, by the way? — to Venus Williams‘ intense battle with the acrobatic Jelena Jankovic, it’s been a great couple of weeks so far.

But this post isn’t really about tennis. It’s about Tina. Because my favorite part of the U.S. Open broadcasts has been the new American Express commercial featuring Tina Fey. Every time I think I couldn’t possibly love her more, she does something like this.

"Does Mama have to do everything around here?" And obviously, use the other flute.

Fey’s American Express print ad is just as delightful. Behold the bevy of Post-Its on her bulletin board! It seems like this might really be her office.

Yeah, she’s practically perfect in every way.

(Just to bring this full circle, during last night’s U.S. Open coverage there was a random snippet of Fey talking about playing tennis in school, on a team she called the "Bad News Bears of tennis." How much swooning can I do in one fortnight? It’s getting embarrassing.)

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