Taming the fall TV schedule


Every September, it’s the same: I send myself a slew of email and print out a handful of schedules and program my DVR more times than I (or it) can count, and it just doesn’t matter. I still manage to miss the best new show or the return of one of my favorites or an awesome guest star in an unexpected role. I doubt even that giant Desk Set computer could help me, with or without Katharine Hepburn there to argue with it.

But this year I might emerge victorious. The fine folks at theTVaddict.com (I got there via Pop Candy) have put together a complete guide to the fall TV premieres. How complete? Why, it even includes commentary. Some of it’s lame (they actually like How I Met Your Mother?!) but a lot of it is chuckle-inducing (for Bionic Woman, they offer this: “Michelle Ryan vs. Katee Sackhoff … cue nerd orgasm”).

Cue the new season: I may actually be ready this year!

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