South of Nowhere Video Blog: Episode 3.5


This week’s episode of South of Nowhere, "The Truth Hurts," was a whirlwind of action and drama. Dancing! Physical Violence! Glen telling Aiden that he’s "hot!"

We attempted to capture some of that action and drama in our most recent edition of "We’re Getting Nowhere," and hope you will appreciate the complex choreography we put to use in order to make it happen.

In addition to fake blood and wig play, we discuss:

  • Ashley’s fickle heart
  • Spencer’s "special" friendship with Madison
  • Carmen’s sudden case of "the stupids"
  • Why you don’t want to see Jill in a wig cap

Per your demands, this week’s episode is a little longer than the last. Careful what you wish for!

Also, the big reenactment scene comes toward the end of the blog, so sit tight.

Finally, we were surprised and delighted by the submission of several theme songs for our humble little blog! Thank you so much for taking the time to create and share those masterpieces with us. We’re still trying to decide which one to use, so please bear with us as we struggle to make up our collective mind. (Women!)


South of Nowhere Video Blog: Episode 3.5

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