“Dancing with the Stars” cast shines already


I’m just going to admit it upfront: I’ve never seen Dancing with the Stars.

While I’ve always liked the idea of ballroom dancing — those were my favorite

scenes from Gray Matters, besides all the ones with Rachel Shelley

— the idea of watching B and C-list celebrities learn to do it? It never

appealed. Until now.

The cast for next season has just been announced, and I’m definitely intrigued

by the list of ladies, especially the name at the top of the list. I’m not sure

what this bodes for the Spice Girls reunion plans, but the biggest coup for

the casting people as far as I’m concerned is landing Melanie Brown,

aka "Scary Spice."

I’ve been a fan of Brown’s since her Spice Girls days (OK, I’ll admit I owned

an album) and have felt vindicated each time she ups her gay creds. She appeared

in the stage version of Rent, you may remember, as Mimi. And she is


rumored to have been in relationships with women
, though I have to say I

really, really don’t get the Eddie Murphy thing. Want to see an image from her

Spice Girls days? I do.

One Dancing participant I’m actually a little scared of — or

maybe scared for — is Marie Osmond. I can’t rid my head

of this image from press release photos of the Osmond 50th Anniversary, which

will air in March of next year. What is that outfit, Marie?

Also joining the cast is Sabrina Bryan of The Cheetah

fame. Another dancer here. Isn’t this an unfair advantage?

Jennie Garth, whose 90210 character once saved a

lesbian burn victim from a fire, is on the list.

We’ll also see Josie Maran, a model who has also had small

acting parts in films like the "Cigarette Girl" in The Aviator

and Marishka in Van Helsing, the second bride of Dracula, killed by

a gun dipped in holy water. Yeah, I’m remembering why I was disappointed in

that movie.

Rounding out the female portion of the cast (and adding a whole lot of class)

is Jane Seymour.

Or, as she’ll always be to me, Dr. Quinn, medicine woman.

The male portion of the cast, for those of you who are fans of the show, includes

Helio Castroneves (Indianapolis 500 champion and practically

royalty in my part of the U.S.), Mark Cuban (owner of Dallas

Mavericks NBA team), Cameron Mathison (All My Children),

Floyd Mayweather, Jr. (champion boxer), Albert Reed

(model), and the one that the show’s producers seem most excited about, Wayne


So, fans of the show. Will you be tuning in for another season?

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