Season 2 of “Broad City” returns in January with a possible lesbian subplot


The rollicking and raunchy female-centric Broad City – and quite possibly the funniest show on television – is coming back to Comedy Central in January. Gay ladies, pay attention now. At a special New York Comedy Festival Panel this past weekend, producer Amy Poehler dropped a sly hint that one of the main characters, Ilana (Ilana Glazer), will get some lady-loving in season two. Abbi (Abbi Jacobson), the other half of the hot mess duo, has already indicated in season one that she made out a woman in the past, and it wasn’t Ilana.

Ilana was a bit miffed that she wasn’t the gal Abbi chose to make out with, but it looks like Ilana will finally get to hook up with a lady this season. After all, good things come along to those who wait, although this encounter is happening in the version of New York City as seen through the eyes of the creators of Broad City, so it will probably end up being absurd and disastrous – but absolutely hysterical.

The NSFW Season 2 trailer is below.

So who is tuning in? And who should we nominate to play Ilana’s hook up buddy? Kate McKinnon? Natasha Lyonne? Comment away!