“Grey’s Anatomy” recap (11:6): Time Out


Previously on Grey’s Anatomy, Shonda and her crew surgically removed our still beating hearts by breaking up our beloved Calzona. Then they sent in Charlie Brown and his pumpkin to try and ease the pain. It didn’t work.

This week, things are back to normal at Sloan Grey Memorial. April is super pregs, and running the ER like a boss. A female carjacking victim is brought in. We find out her name is Melissa, and she’s been badly beaten. However, Melissa, seems much more concerned that her car has been taken than any physical damage she’s sustained.

At the nurses’ station, Maggie and Meredith smile cautiously at each other through gritted teeth, as Maggie explains that she’s done looking at Ellis’s journals. Derek overhears, and since he can’t fix the country or as many brains as he’d like nowadays, he decides to try and fix Mer and Maggie. A dinner party sounds like a grand idea, no? Also dealing with family drama are April and Jackson. Jackson has just picked up April’s mom from the airport. April’s blood pressure rises because for some reason, her loving mother drives her bonkers.

Having even less fun is Arizona who is sleeping in the damn hospital now. She and Callie talk while Arizona attempts to freshen up for her day of awful with Dr. Hermann. Callie insists that she didn’t kick Arizona out of the house, but Arizona can’t bear the thought of living in a house that was once filled with love, and is now one of uncertainty and heartache. Neither Callie nor Arizona has told anyone about their breakup, and Arizona asks if they can keep it that way for a little bit longer. She just can’t handle explaining it to people, and frankly, girl is a mess right now.


Over in blissfully happyland are Ben and Bailey, sharing a little donut love. It’s not a euphemism, they are actually sharing a donut while Ben complains that Bailey doesn’t take care of herself the way she should. He’s on her service that day, which is so cute. They check in on their patient, Jeremy, a businessman suffering from belly and chest pains. Turns out, Jeremy is a workaholic, and lives on a steady diet of energy drinks and highly acidic and fatty foods. He insists it’s just good ol’ heartburn, but Bailey wants to run some tests.

The carjacking victim Melissa’s co-workers arrive to check on their friend. They are the ones that found her, lying outside of the store. Inside the ER room, Melissa starts to falter due to her massive internal bleeding. Owen performs a laparotomy right then and there, and a freaking geyser of blood shoots out of her abdomen. Callie did try to give us a heads up. When they take her into surgery, Callie notices that she has a military tattoo. Melissa is a war vet.

April begrudgingly visits with her mother, who is 100% Kepner. Red-haired and all smiles, she is ready to get down to baby business. She wants April to take the day off and go nursery shopping, but April is all like, “Maaaaa, you know I’m an important doctor and stuff, and thusly can’t go shopping with you now, or ever.” Jackson offers to step in and go with Mama Kepner.


Jeremy’s labs are terrible; he has high cholesterol, high blood pressure, the works. Bailey wants to do a Barium test on him (delicious) but when Ben suggests the alternative is sticking a tube down his throat and up his ass, Jeremy actually chooses the latter. It’s faster.

Arizona’s rotten day continues as she and Dr. Herman go over the steps on an upcoming fetal surgery on a little guy named Waldo. Herman makes sure to throw a little diss in anytime Arizona starts to feel confident in her answers. Herman tells her to go to her consult and report back for more harassment, er, tutelage.

Maggie and Derek are working together looking at scans and whatnot, when he invites her to dinner. Maggie surprisingly accepts. When Richard comes in, and Maggie shoots the hell out, Derek decides that he should invite Richard to dinner too.

Arizona is late coming back from her consult, and when she meets up with Herman, the doc is chillier than ever. Instead of studying together, Herman tells Arizona to go it alone using her notes. Herman is taking a personal day, and up and leaves Arizona with a big book full of scribbles.


As Ben and Bailey perform the procedure, they come across a large tumor on Jeremy’s esophagus. Over the years, his acid reflux has bred a perfect environment for cancer of the esophagus. They tell Jeremy and his wife that they will remove the damaged area and replace with a section of colon.

When April arrives home, the nursery is nearly all set up. Inside, April finds her old crib, which has been passed down for generations in the Kepner family. Instead of thinking of this as a sentimental and sweet moment, April goes full on petulant, yelling that she doesn’t want her mother’s help.

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