Morning Brew – Mel B talks about her bisexuality on “Alan Carr: Chatty Man”


Good morning! Happy Friday! I’m trying to get over the fact that the the powers that be made another bogus decision about marriage equality yesterday.

Marcie Bianco writes about lesbian sex for the Mic.

Chasing Life has been renewed for a second season. That means more of THIS! (Hopefully.)


Mel B talked about her bisexuality again on Alan Carr: Chatty Man where she said of her pre-marriage relationships and if she was a lesbian:

I was one of those for a few years. Well I wouldn’t call it that, I was just one of those ladies.But now I’m happily married. I’ve been married seven years now, my gorgeous hubby.

I’m going to help Mel out here and decipher: She is bisexual and had relationships with women but now is happily married and monogamous. This does not mean she is no longer bisexual.

Serious Fun Gala - Red Carpet Arrivals

Robin Roberts is one of Glamour‘s Women of the Year. Well deserved!

WebMD Hosts 2014 Health Hero Awards

Jessica Capshaw talked with The Hollywood Reporter about Arizona’s latest moves and motivations

How well do you know Ellen DeGeneres?

A web series about lesbian cat ladies? It exists!

Speaking of, Mary Lambert is a self-professed cat lady and plays with kittens in this interview.

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Jessica Clark plays it straight in a new short film, Operation Barn Owl. (I was hoping for a lesbian twist.)

Jesse Thomas has a new video for “Lorraine.”

Ruby Rose is shooting a TV show right this moment. We need to know more! Also at the link: Discussions on gender, sexuality and feminism in modeling and really sexy shots of the model/actress/DJ.


Have a wonderful weekend <3

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