Penny Marshall and Lorraine Bracco are lesbian potheads on “Mulaney”


Back in late January, it was announced that Penny Marshall and Lorraine Bracco would guest star as a lesbian couple on the Fox sitcom Mulaney. Last night on episode four (“Sweet Jane”), we met them as Tootie and Vaughn. T&V are longtime friends of his neighbor, Oscar’s (Elliot Gould) who hated each other for years but eventually bonded in 1972 over “both hating the space program.” They meet John Mulaney (a comic who plays himself) while waiting to buy pot for a Steely Dan concert.



Strangely, the women are referred to as “friends” and not partners at first, but at the end of the episode, Oscar let’s Mulaney know they are “bigtime lesbians” which is why they are able to get along so well. (Yeah, it pretty much helps to have that in common.) No word on if we’ll see Tootie and Vaughn again, but their tough bravado and speaking in unison is too good to not see them again.

Out comic Fortune Feimster has appeared on two previous episodes of Mulaney, playing a brash androgynous type that is assumed gay until she sleeps with Martin Short‘s character.

Mulaney airs Sundays on Fox.