“Top Chef: Boston” recap (12.3)


Previously on Top Chef: Boston, the angels wept when sweet Joy was sent packing for undercooking veal. Aaron was the douchiest of the (mostly nameless and faceless) white men.

In the stew room (immediately after last week’s elimination), Ron is pretty pissed that Aaron and Keriann acted like children throughout most of the challenge, and yet neither of them went home. I agree, Ron. What Ron doesn’t say is that he feels guilty about Joy, because it was his addition of vanilla that made their dish extra-terrible and set her up to go home. I’m pretty sure that’s how he feels, though.

It’s a new day at the Chef house, and Swayze and Aaron are bonding about how they both came from “broken homes.” I’m not sure if this segment is meant to humanize Aaron, but it’s really just making me like him less. He may have had to work hard to get where he is, but he still acts like an entitled asshole.

photo1Bro so hard.

Aaron actually says, “If my mom had the money to put me through CIA (Culinary Institute of America), I’d be Bobby Flay.” It’s interesting to me that he chose Bobby Flay as the icon he would be most like, because Flay is also kind of a douchebag. At least the guy is consistent, I guess?

Quickfire challenge: It’s another Sudden Death Quickfire! No one is safe for long on this season of Top Chef. For today’s challenge, the chefs have to prepare a dish that highlights tea, because they’re in Boston and one time this thing happened there called the Boston Tea Party.

(Side note: I’m going to try my hardest to power through this particular Quickfire, but I have a long, sordid, and emotionally trying history with the Tea Party. When I was five, my family visited Boston and we went to the Tea Party boat/museum. Both my older brothers got chosen to throw bushels of tea off the side of the boat, but I didn’t. I’m still not over it.)

photo2Tea: seems innocent, but can leave you with years of heartache.

The chefs all scramble to grab a random flavor of tea and start cooking. Gregory is pumped to get a strawberry white tea, and he’ll be pairing it with raw tuna- which is very smart for a time-sensitive Quickfire Challenge.

Aaron wasn’t quick enough to grab the protein he wanted, so he’s stuck with Monkfish cheeks. He’s acting very mature about it- acknowledging that he’s part of a competition where sometimes he will have to improvise. JUST KIDDING! He’s complaining again!

photo3“Woe is me! Wah!”

Meanwhile, Rebecca got a very floral tea, so she’s going to make a vanilla cake. Apparently, she’s trained as a pastry chef, but Top Chef has conditioned me to get nervous whenever anyone makes a dessert. Probably one of these days I’m going to go out to a restaurant, and cringe when the server hands me a dessert menu like, “Ooooh, are you sure the chef thinks that’s a good idea? It’s pretty risky.”

Melissa ended up with a toasted nut tea, which she’s going to incorporate into her rice. Sounds delicious. We also get to learn a little more about Melissa’s past, which I’m happy about because she’s cute and queer and hasn’t been on the screen enough IMO. She grew up in a traditional Chinese household and wants to prove to her dad that she’s an accomplished chef.


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