“Degrassi” returns for Imogen’s last term


On Tuesday night, Season 14 of Degrassi premiered on Teen Nick. Although we only got a quick glimpse of Imogen (played by Cristine Prosperi) in the premiere episode, there is sure to be some major drama heading her way if we are to believe what we see in the Season 14 teaser.

Hopefully, we’ll get some Jackogen/Imojack/IMack scenes coming up in the near future. In the meantime, let’s remind ourselves of where we left off with a recap of the Season 13 finale.

Imogen's presentation

At the top of the hour-long finale Imogen is finishing up her presentation on global warming by warning everyone that if they don’t reduce greenhouse gases the devastating effects of climate change will only get worse. As an example super storms that were once rare are now common occurrences around the globe. Dallas and Drew dismiss her claims, saying the kind of storms in her presentation could never happen there. Though Imogen laments that no one ever takes her seriously, once Mr. Perrino releases them for the term, she quickly switches gears to the end of term dance.

No one takes me seriously

Becky is also thankful for a distraction, only she wishes the dance could last for a week or more so she doesn’t have to go home. It seems that her parents haven’t been exactly warm towards her ever since her honest testimony at his trial helped send him to jail. Imogen tries to cheer her up by playing some happy music, but the song she chooses, “Mambo #5” by Lou Bega, only makes things worse. It seems that she and her brother, Luke used to do a dance routine to that song when they were little. Becky runs out of the room crying. Drew, whose friendship with Becky has become tighter ever since they were stranded in the woods together, goes after her.

Mambo #5

Meanwhile, Clare is off to New York for an interview at Columbia University. Because there is a storm coming in, she flies in several hours early and explores the city before her interview. When she sees an Eli look-alike, she freaks out and runs into a pole. A few hours, a blood test, and several stitches later, she convinces the nurse to let her leave the emergency room without seeing the doctor. Unfortunately, it’s still too late to meet the admissions team as they have all gone home for the day. The assistant is able to get her a slot the next morning, but since all the hotels are full with stranded tourists, Clare has no choice but to crash at Eli’s for the night. Eli gives Clare some dry clothes to wear and they grab a chicken kebab from a street vendor. They laugh like old times and Clare apologizes for breaking up with Eli the way she did. He forgives her saying that she actually did him a favor. She set him free to explore NYC and film school on his own terms.

Where's Becky_

The storm changes paths and makes its way to Degrassi, uprooting trees, causing leaks and effectively shutting down the dance. The students are stranded at school and as they take attendance Imogen and Jack realize that Becky hasn’t been seen since she ran out of class earlier. Hand in hand, they run up to Drew and ask him where he last saw he Becky. He tells them that she was last seen in the greenhouse and they make the horrifying realization that a fallen tree had hit the greenhouse.