“Top Chef: Boston” has a super hot gay cheftestant named Melissa King


Melissa King is the newest gay cheftestant to compete on Bravo’s cooking competition show, Top Chef. The 12th season, which is set in Boston, premieres tonight, so we thought we’d introduce you to your new fave. mkingIn her bio, Melissa calls herself a cookie monster, based on her love of (duh) cookies. She’s from L.A. but lives in San Francisco now, most recently working as the sous chef at Luce. She’s really into season farm-to-table style cooking. mking2 She uses yoga as stress relief, as she tells her college newspaper. “The most challenging part is that you’re pushed out of your comfort zone. The most rewarding part is that you’re pushed out of your comfort zone. It’s wildly intense but so much fun. To survive Top Chef, you have to learn how to improvise and adapt. I focused on putting out good food and staying positive.” Melissa got her psychology degree at University of California Irvine before enrolling at the Culinary Institute of America in New York. After graduating in 2007, she moved back to the West Coast and has worked at several award-winning restaurants, including Delfina and The Ritz-Carlton Dining Room. mking3 You can hire Melissa to cook for you , if you live in the Bay Area. “I am wine sommelier certified, a home beer brewer, a sourdough bread baker, and a darn good butcher,” she writes on her KitchIt profile. “Let me make you a Michelin quality meal to remember!” Unfortunately for those who might be wondering (and who doesn’t about a good looking woman who knows her way around the kitchen?) she is not single. Sorry ladies!

Tune in tonight for the premiere of Top Chef: Boston on Bravo at 10 p.m. Follow Melissa on Twitter and Instagram.