South of Nowhere Video Blog: Episode 3.4


We’re baaaaaaack. Yes, it’s time for another installment of "We’re Getting Nowhere."

In the most recent episode of South of Nowhere, "Spencer’s New Girlfriend," Spencer, well, gets a new girlfriend (only in the lesbian world does one steamy make out session garner you "girlfriend" status) while Ashley does her best to alienate her new (old) boyfriend, Aiden. Kyla continues to annoy with her refusal to knock before entering, Glen makes himself useful for a change, and Madison dances with then slaps around a potential suitor. It’s an action-packed episode indeed.

In our coverage of Episode 3.4 of SoN this week, we discuss:

  • Spencer’s artistic abilities
  • Ashley’s itchy trigger finger when it comes to the numbers 9-1-1
  • Carmen’s good listening skills
  • Aiden’s brawn
  • Why one shouldn’t eat PB & J sandwiches before bedtime

Due to overwhelming viewer demand, we invited the Dollar Store dolls back for another play date. They were slightly better behaved this time around. Additionally, because this was an episode devoted to the fine arts (painting, dance, flirtation), we’ve included some artist’s renderings of several key scenes, as well as some physically rigorous human scene reenactments. We hope that you enjoy.

South of Nowhere Video Blog: Episode 3.4

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