“The Good Wife” recap (6.2): Out with the old, in with the new


Alicia somehow still manages to look flawless as she waits for Cary to be escorted to their behind-the-glass jailhouse meeting. When Cary arrives, they are told they have five minutes, which is actually about 90 seconds in Good Wife time. Alicia needs to be debriefed on Cary’s cases, including a bunch of coders suing Chumhum. When the subject turns to Diane joining the firm, Cary squints his eyes at Alicia, most likely wishing Rory Gilmore was visiting him instead.


In the courthouse, Diane battles Finn once again about Cary’s bail. Kalinda waves at Cary from the seats, trying to communicate with him in eyelid flutters and blatant questions scribbled on notepads. Finn throws them all for a loop when he calls Alicia as a witness, in order to depose her regarding the legitimacy of the bail money.

In the visiting area, Kalinda and Diane meet with Cary. Kalinda drops the bomb about the evidence that Cary is on tape, breaking the law. Cary insists that the tape is a fake, or has at the very least, been altered. He only answered hypothetical questions that Bishop’s men asked him.

At the Florrick Agos offices, there is major construction going on. Bishop shows up unannounced, and amidst the banging hammers and whirling saws, tells her that he doesn’t like that she’s testifying. Also, if he ends up being asked to testify for Cary, he will pull Cary’s bail money.


Peter is being interviewed on a talk show, while Eli watches from the sidelines. He’s surprised to see Valerie Jarrett, who is a real life senior advisor to the White House. The two have some bad blood because she never got him a Washington job like she promised. Eli is willing to look past this slight however, because Jarrett is a big proponent of women running for political office. He could use her help with a certain reluctant State’s Attorney candidate.

Alicia takes the stand in Cary’s bail hearing. She testifies that Mr. Rojas who provided the bail, is indeed an associate of Lemond Bishop. Finn tries to trip her up by asking if Bishop was present when the money exchanged hands. Like the badass she is, Alicia says yes he was –audible courtroom gasp– but on a different matter. Take that, Polmar. Finn does get the upper hand however when he manages to show that a large portion of Mr. Rojas’s fitness center’s roster matches that of the country death records. The Judge thinks it’s fishy too, and grants Finn’s request to bring Bishop to the stand. There goes the bail money.

At Lockhart Gardner, former associate Dean (played by the always delightful Taye Diggs) shows back up after working the last few years in New York. He’s looking forward to joining the Lockhart Gardner team until he finds out at the staff meeting that Diane is leaving the firm. A crestfallen Dean pulls Diane aside to say he really only came back to work for her. Diane leads him to the elevator where she asks him to come with her to Florrick Agos, and encourages him to check the place out.


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