“Grey’s Anatomy” recap (11.1): Get Lost


Last season on Grey’s Anatomy: Callie left Arizona after Arizona cheated, but they managed to put themselves back together with some surgical glue, a couple loose stitches and an old pair of Wheelies. April left her groom at the altar to become Avery’s wife. (Well, after he humiliated Stephanie in front of all her friends and coworkers.) They butt heads about religion until April found out she had a bun in the oven and now compromise is the name of the game. Dr. Leah Dimples slept with Arizona, then brought up harassment charges against Callie. Richard then sent her on her way when he realized she couldn’t cut it as a surgeon. Alex left Grey Sloan Memorial to become Dr. Butthole Jr, and Jo thought he looked great in suits, but he couldn’t stop hanging around.

Owen and Cristina were pulled together like magnets until Burke popped up again and asked her to take over his clinic in Zurich. Holographic hearts and the Alps called her name, so she decided to leave Seattle for good. Before she left, she and Meredith danced it out one last time to lesbian pop rock, fully aware that theirs was the true love story of Grey’s Anatomy. Cristina told Meredith that even though Derek had the hairline of a Greek god, he was not to be worshipped. Meredith was the real deity. Derek became one of the President’s men, and planned to move his family to DC, but Meredith planted her feet firmly in the damp Seattle soil. Ben moved back to Seattle to be with Bailey, who had an absolute meltdown about it. Then he became a resident and she nearly lost her license saving a boy’s life with a brilliant experimental treatment. Richard Webber broke off his engagement with Katherine Avery, and learned he had a daughter with Ellis Grey. She happens to be the new head of thoracic surgery.

On a hella windy day, Meredith has a vivid flashback. She recalls being little and getting lost in the park. When she finds her mother, Ellis is a sobbing mess. Ellis tells little Mer not to ask any questions. Meredith has flashes of her mother bleeding in a hospital bed and the faint cry of a newborn. Memory is an important part of Meredith’s story. Loss of memory stole her mother’s career and her relationships with others. Meredith lives in the shadow of that fear. Of one day losing her keys, and her brilliant mind the next. She shows up at her old home, and walks into Alex and Jo’s bedroom in the middle of the night. After scaring them half to death, she crawls into bed with Alex to talk about her feelings. “This is not what we do,” Alex protests, while Jo reluctantly heads off to make coffee. Alex quickly realizes this is just the way things will be from now on, and listens to Mer’s frustrations with Derek.

At an AA meeting, Webber takes comfort in the anonymity and confesses that he thinks he has a daughter working at the hospital. He worries that anonymity is in jeopardy when he looks out and sees Amelia Shepherd’s face looking back at him.

To deal with Cristina’s absence, Owen has poured himself into work. April is worried about him, so she convinces Jackson to strike up a bromance with Owen. Owen and Meredith head up to the roof on this windy day to meet up with a medical chopper. Maggie Pierce also joins them, and it’s the first time she and Meredith meet. The dangerous gusts cause the chopper to bob and dip and nearly slice them all to ribbons. Once it touches down, they struggle to get the patient out, who is a lost camper. A strong gust causes the gurney to fly off the roof and crash on a car below.

Calzona are busy discussing surrogates. Well actually, Callie is reading off a litany of reasons why she’s terrified to do it. How can she trust a stranger to do the best by their baby, she wonders. Owen grabs them both to head out to where the gurney has landed. It is sticking straight up out of a car and people are trapped inside. One of the people is a teenage cancer patient named Dave, alongside his girlfriend. Turns out they were banging at the time and got trapped together, pantsless.


Maggie and Mer get to working on the camper, who has severe dehydration and frostbite on his feet. Just as Maggie starts to ask Meredith about Ellis Grey, the patient wakes and is desperate to get to his family who he believes are still out in the desert. Maggie wants to take him in for an echocardiogram but Meredith pulls rank and takes him to be tested for what she thinks are more pressing issues.

Bailey is super geeked out about her upcoming board recommendation to replace Cristiana, so she of course brags about to in front of Alex. Alex quickly shuts her down by showing Jackson the shares that Cristina deeded him. Alex and Bailey follow poor Jackson around the halls, arguing about who deserves the seat. Bailey tries to get Richard involved but he’s distracted by the Shepherdess. He walks over to Amelia and she promises she won’t utter a word about his daughter.


In the ER, a father who fell off the roof trying to rescue his sons Frisbee is being worked on. When his wife asks about his condition, April is evasive. She checks on the patient, whose head is a complete mess. Derek doesn’t see much of a chance to save him.

Owen, Arizona and Callie manage to get to the teens in the SUV. Both are conscious and alert, but it appears the girl has a nasty head wound so they rush her in. As the boy, David is put on a gurney, the sheet covering his junk blows up in front of Calzona. Soon David’s mother shows up, while Jo tends to his girlfriend Monica’s wounds. The mom is pissed at the teens for getting it on, but they are in lurve and have been separated for months. When Jo suggests that she has to shave Monica’s hair to get to some deeper glass shards, the teen is thrilled. She’s wanted to shave it anyway in solidarity with David.

As Calzona makes their way through the halls, they run into Dr. Herman, played by Geena Davis. Turns out, this doctor is in a league of her own…get it? I’ll see myself out. Anyway, there seems to be a bit of animosity/competition between Dr. Herman and Arizona. Herman rags on Arizona about not doing the hard stuff and suggests she apply for her fellowship. When Dr. Herman leaves Arizona looks vexed. (Side note: there has been some speculation about Arizona cheating on Callie again, but I highly doubt that this would happen. Arizona knows first hand the pain it caused all parties, so let’s not automatically assume one mistake has rewired Arizona into some sort of Lady Cheating Machine. Not everyone Arizona interacts with is a possible bedmate. Okay? Okay.)


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