“The Bridge” recap (2.12): Quetzalcoatl


What’s a guy to do when he’s got blood all over his favorite pair of boots? Take them to the leather repair shop of course. Monte hands over his soiled boots, claiming they were splashed with animal blood, to have them repaired. Eleanor surprises him by showing up, and being all around creepy. She tells him that Sonya has the ledger, but he already knows that. She runs her hands across every sharp object on the work bench in front of her then asks if Sebastian Cerisola still has what she wants. When Monte tells her that Sebastian is a man of his word, Eleanor questions how Monte has managed to stay unscathed through everything. Well, he’s punctual for starters. He’s also an excellent shot, which he mentions as he reveals his sidearm, so no funny business. Eleanor states what when she is finished cleaning up the mess in El Paso, that she wants what’s hers. Before she leaves, Monte tells her that Fausto Galvan has Cerisola’s daughter. “Fausto’s a demon,” she says, “he will be hard to vanquish.”


Creepy CIA Agent Buckley breaks into Sonya’s apartment, and carefully goes through all of her belongings, looking for the ledger. He comes up empty handed, even after searching the fish tank. As a warning, or just a cruel joke, he pulls out one of the fish and leaves it to die on the kitchen counter.

Sonya, who has the ledger safely in her possession, sits and tries to decipher its codes in the hospital parking lot. A knowing smile appears on her face, and she runs inside to tell Hank that’s she’s figured it out. Within the endless entries of numbers, there are addresses. Hank warns her that she’s in danger as long as she has the ledger. She knows that already, but when has Sonya ever backed down from a scary situation? When she tells Hank that Eleanor has been moved to CIA custody, he announces that she’s actually free again. He rips the IV out of his arm and demands his clothes so he can join Sonya as she follows the trail of addresses.

At Fausto’s compound, Marco and the Marine are handcuffed and presented to Fausto. Fausto wants to kill the Marine, but Marco asks him not to. The rest of the Marines are on their way. Fausto and Marco get into a shouting match. Marco tells him that trying to kill Sonya was the last straw for him, and Fausto blames Marco for not keeping Sonya out of it. Marco warns Fausto if the Marines come, they won’t be taking him alive. Give up and go with Marco and he has a chance. Fausto doesn’t trust Marco one bit and accuses him of working for Cerisola. He then orders Obregon to execute the Marine and knock Marco out.


Agent Buckley meets up with his boss over pies and lies, and informs her that Sonya has the ledger. He has faith that Eleanor will take care of everything though. His boss is less than convinced. He casually mentions that Frye and Adriana may have taken some CIA intel from Agent McKenzie’s house. Before she leaves, she instructs him to make sure Cerisola is managed and no more bodies appear in El Paso.

Sonya and Hank pull up to the first of the addresses in Eleanor’s ledger, a money order shop. Guess what? Eleanor got there first, and the place is picked clean of any connection to Fausto. Sonya figures she must have had help, and Hank’s guess is Cesar. They head off to the next address.

Fausto’s men toss Marco into a horse stall, which is already occupied by Romina. Romina is either pumped full of too many drugs, or going through withdrawal. Either way, she doesn’t look good.


Eleanor and Cesar find and torch all the files at another business, this time taking the manager along with them.

Linder walks into the Juarez Police Department palming his trusty rock. Robles isn’t there, so he leaves a message. “No man can run from his past.” When asked who he is, Linder responds, “Oh, I’m his past.” When he returns to his car, Eva smiles at him and says she’s been thinking about a life together. She gestures to a pink house across the street. He confesses that he went to see Robles, because he can’t get revenge off of his mind. Eva reminds him that they can walk away and have a real life together. Linder can’t let it go, though. He asks if she’ll still be there once he’s finished with his mission, but Eva isn’t sure.


Marco tries to comfort Romina in their cell. He tells her that the Marines are on their way. He asks if she remembers how many men Fausto has on the property, but she starts to cry because she doesn’t know.

Sonya and Hank show up at the next address and find a smoldering dumpster, but not much else. Frye and Adriana also pull up as well. This was one of the sites listed in Agent McKenzie’s files, so they came to investigate. After Hank roughs Frye up a bit, cooler heads prevail and Frye and Adriana share their intel to try and save Marco. When they get to Frye’s apartment, Hank gives him shit about some pills he finds, while Frye barks back that he’s been right all along and no one believed him. Sonya thinks that the info in the files could help them. They expose the connection between the CIA and Fausto, as well as the animosity between the CIA and DEA. On the floor they find a map which Frye and Adriana couldn’t make sense of. Sonya recognizes it because there is a hand drawn version in the ledger, with GPS coordinates to boot.

Sonya, Frye and Adriana head out to the location, which is just an abandoned stretch of desert land. Adriana finds something in the dirt: a customs seal. Something clicks in Sonya’s brain, and she leaves them in the literal dust.


Hank shows up at his office to find Federal Investigator Elliot waiting for him. Hank asks him where Eleanor is, and the agent says that she’s in an offsite federal holding facility unless there is something he doesn’t know. Hank has a bad feeling about the whole damn thing and calls Elliot out. Hank knows that the CIA is running the show, not the FEDs. Now hands off the salted caramels.

Fausto is considering Marco’s offer to turn himself in. Obregon advises against it and wants to make a run for it, but Fausto is tied of running. Meanwhile, in the basement of the CLIO offices, CIA Agent Buckley meets with Cerisola to discuss his daughter’s situation. Buckley assures him that no harm will come to Romina. Cerisola reminds Buckley that they will need his cooperation when the new cartel leader is positioned.

Fausto has Marco and Romina brought in to the main house while he calls the Marines. He threatens to kill Romina if he is not given safe passage, and tells the Marines to get back to him with a deal. Marco warns Fausto that that tactic won’t work. The Marines want Fausto more than they want to rescue the girl. Romina cries that she wants to go home, and Fausto taunts her for throwing away her perfect life for one of street drugs. In a surprise turn of events, the Marine Colonel calls back and grants Fausto safe passage.


The State’s Attorney that Marco and Sonya spoke to about getting the Marines involved, shows up at the Juarez police station. He hands Robles a folder containing charges filed against him. Rape, conspiracy and corruption. The attorney warns him that there is no way to get out of this mess. “It’s over Captain,” he says before leaving Robles’s office.

Sonya pulls up to a remote gas station and asks a clerk to identify Eleanor and Buckley. He can’t but he remembers Agent McKenzie coming by asking the same thing. He also wanted to know about the border crossing trucks.

Frye and Adriana meet up with one of Frye’s buddies in the Homeland Security Department. They bring him the customs seal to authenticate, and it is legit, not a forgery like Adriana thought. The Homeland Security Agent tells them that big companies get issued the seal to make transporting goods across the border easier. For a hundred buck bribe, he produces a list of the companies who have the seal.


Marco and Romina are put inside an SUV with Obregon and Fausto and sent out of the compound. As the car drives by, the Marines shoot the car to smithereens. Inside they find only one of Galvan’s men. Fausto and his car make it safely away. He knew there would be no negotiating with the Marines, so now he plans to use Romina as leverage. They walk off into the mountains for cover.

As Robles leaves the office that night, Linder follows him. Robles heads to a warehouse, where the new cartel leader supervises the loading of drugs into a semi. The new leader vows to keep up with paying Robles his cutbacks for turning a blind eye, and hands him a bag full of money. As the truck door is closed, a customs seal is places on the back. As Linder approaches Robles, Robles sees his shadow and shoots him in the stomach. Linder falls to the cement, bleeding from his wound and mouth.


Sonya and Hank sit in the dark, waiting to catch one of the drug smuggling trucks. Sonya can’t get over the fact that the government is actually working with the cartels. Hank tells her that El Paso’s low murder rate always struck him as strange, considering the situation in Juarez, only a few miles past the border. As one of the big trucks pull up, Sony and Hank are surprised to find that it pulls over and the driver is switched out. They decide to go after the two drivers.

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