“Chicago Fire” recap (3.1): A damn Shayme


Previously on Chicago Fire, Boden and Hot Donna got married at Firehouse 51. Casey decide that someone else’s nuptials was the perfect moment to propose to his girlfriend. Then, the entire group got called out one last time. Before they went in, Shay and Severide buried the Devon shaped hatchet and promised that they would always love each other. The building they were in blew up and we spent the summer reading tea leaves and wondering if this was the last call for Leslie Elizabeth Shay.

We begin where we ended, with Chief Boden frantically screaming into his radio for anyone to report. Slowly, the camera starts to find bodies inside. While the Chief’s voice crackles over the radio Severide is the first to stir and pop his helmet back on. The crew begins looking around, and every time they show another face we are another step closer to finding out who isn’t going to make it. Severide, Casey, Mouch, Otis, Herrmannwell, let’s just say all the men are fine. Mills has a broken leg but he’ll live. Casey and Severide start looking for the women folk, those delicate flowers best used to advance the plot for the big, tough men.

CF 3011

They find Dawson giving Shay chest compressions (and not the kind that Shawson fanfic is made of). Severide rushes over and Dawson tells him to take over so she can get a last kiss administer mouth-to-mouth. Casey pulls at Dawson and tells her that they have to get Shay to the ambulance but neither she nor Severide are ready to give up. Both plead for Shay to come back to them.

Severide flashes back to Shay’s first day at 51. She meets Cruz and Otis who are squabbling over Otis’s viper helmet (the one Devon stole). They both welcome her by ogling her assets and then send Darden to find Dawson. Dawson swaggers out and welcomes Shay before introducing her to Casey, Vargas, and Herrmann. They saunter over to the Squad table where Shay volunteers to be Severide’s roommate. He thinks this means she wants to do the sex with him but she shuts him down. No vagina, no sexy times, bucko.

CF 3012

We jump forward six weeks and watch Mills walk in on his newly healed leg. Maybe Shay isn’t really dead. Maybe she’s going to pop out of that rig or maybe she had another miraculous recovery. It’s not like they haven’t tried to kill her half a dozen times on this show already. Shay’s death was not in vain, however, because it’s provided Severide with enough pain to disappear completely for six weeks. Dawson hurries in late from an appointment and disappears to stare at a photo on the wall.

CF 3013

Dawson is getting coffee when Shay’s doppelganger/replacement walks in. Dawson’s having none of it. She’s mostly polite before the Chief pulls her into his office to chat. He thanks her for sticking around 51 rather than joining her firefighter placement at Firehouse Neanderthal. She gives a weak smile and he tells her that he’s going to put her paperwork through now so she can move on. She starts to go and he asks if she’s okay. Before she can say anything, Mouch busts in to talk about his double date with Boden.

Casey asks the Squad guys if they have heard from Severide. They have all left messages but the only person who ever got through to him was Shay. Won’t it be fun to watch him unravel without her? Definitely worth losing a great gay character to watch Severide grow. Cruz tells Casey they need to gas up the truck so everyone suits up and rolls on out. While they fill the tank, Herrmann starts talking about how Shay always thought expanding Molly’s was a great idea. Hard to argue with a corpse, isn’t it? While this meeting of the counsel of dumbasses meets, another truck rolls up. It’s Welch and his crew of assholes who take the opportunity to make a crack about Dawson. They all get called to a fire and Casey yells, “Last one there is a rotten egg!” Good lord. Next time just hold an actual pissing contest.

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