“Sisterhood of Hip Hop” recap (1.7): The Mom Shade is Strong


Nyemiah’s manager, Alex, wants her to see an acting coach to help her through her coldness. She thinks the coach will speak to her soul, which begs the question why not a therapist or an actual soul specialist, you know? Anyhow, Nyemiah doesn’t say “Hell no” so that’s progress.

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In Miami, Brianna plays her new single for Fat Joe and Rick Ross and they are encouraging. Rozay thinks the “young chicks” will look up to Brianna, and Fat Joe says it’s finally her time. “Thank God you got your Moms witchu,” he says, and Brianna fails to mention she fired her momager. She nods a lot and pretends like she agrees with their sentiments about Kiki knowing best.

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Nyemiah’s cousin is asking her to stop being so stank so her fans will love her off-stage as much as they do on. It really feels like Nyemiah is open to going to see the acting coach, Susan. Susan, are you able to remove stank face?

The next day, Nyemiah goes to visit Susan Batson, who soul coaches in bright neon pink pants and platform shoes. Susan notices Nyemiah is very sensitive and doesn’t want the world to know. Nyemiah said her mom was cold and told her not to cry as a child, and Susan says “I give you permission to cry right now.” The tears come, as does Nyemiah’s finally opening up. Break through! “So much of me right now doesn’t feel happy,” she says, and Susan says she is not being her authentic self. Susan brings Nyemiah back to when she was five, and Nyemiah says she was “down for whatever” at that age. Nyemiah needs to reconnect with that five-year-old and be DFW right now. “Remember that little girl,” Susan says. “I want you to make a commitment to her.” And she does. Acting coaches are the new psychologists.

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Bia is in the studio and her lawyer comes to visit. He tells her two different labels want her and she asks “Who got the biggest check!?” She’s kidding, kind of, but her lawyer says the deals are comparable. One is from Columbia and the other is RCA, both big deal majors that would hopefully give her the boost she needs. “I cannot get stuck,” Bia says, as she doesn’t want to have to wait to put her music out, which is a problem when you sign with a label and hand them the reins. Bia says she’ll think about it for “48-78 hours.” She’s scared she’ll make the wrong decision.

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Brianna is filming her new video and notes it’s the first time on set without her mom there. Instead of just being the artist, she’s also being asked questions she hasn’t had to deal with before and it’s frustrating her. She tells the camera it went well but she doesn’t want to do this alone. Kiki is definitely coming back, ya’ll.

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