The lesbian romance on “Manhattan” continues to heat up


When we last saw Abby Isaacs, she had recently tumbled into bed with co-worker and neighbor Elodie after a night of drinking. In episode 8, “The Second Coming,” Abby does her best to distance herself from the situation. She switches shifts at the switchboard so she doesn’t have to see Elodie at work, and makes plans to break the Army rules and meet up with her parents who will be passing through the area on a train trip.

When she and her son rendezvous with her parents, the mood is quite somber rather than the joyous reunion Abby was expecting. Rachel’s mother’s cousins who were living in Minsk had been rounded up by the Nazis. Abby is quite surprised as she assumed that because they were wealthy that no harm would come to them. She brushes it off as terrible gossip, but her parents know that real atrocities that are happening to Jewish people in Europe and implore Abby to open her eyes. Instead Abby brags about how important her husband Charlie is when it comes to the war effort. Her parents ask if maybe Charlie can find out what has become of her cousins. Before they can get into anything else, Abby is found by the military police and taken back to the base.


She’s forced to meet with Colonel Cox (the guy in charge of the base), where she finds out she’s actually in quite a bit of trouble. She turns on the waterworks and brings up her cousins in Minsk as an excuse for her behavior. During their conversation, a young private named Dunlavy overhears her concerns for her family. The Colonel lets her off the hook. Once Abby gets home however, the gravity of what’s happening begins to sink in.


Abby goes to her new shift and one of her co-workers expresses surprise that she would switch to the morning crew. “I thought you and Frenchie were attached at the hip.” She hands Abby a small package from Elodie. Inside she finds her own lacy bra, which she quickly hides away.


Later, Dunlavy shows up at Abby are to hand her a file folder filled with the terrible truth of what is happening overseas. After Charlie arrives home, he finds Abby is a near daze. She’s overwhelmed at the horrors she’s seen in the file. He tells her that she shouldn’t be thinking about all of that and she snaps back, “Why, because I’m too fragile to stomach the truth?”


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