The best “Gotham” #Gaytham tweets from the pilot


The most amazing thing happened last night while we were live-tweeting Gotham. The show revealed that Jim Gordon’s fiance is Renee Montoya’s ex-girlfriend and all the lesbians started rooting for him to die! Future Commissioner Gordon, without whom there would be no Batman! Dead! So Renee can get her girlfriend back! I love you guys more than words, I really, really do.

tumblr_ncbzvpYfLe1s66wnho1_r1_500tumblr_ncbzvpYfLe1s66wnho2_r1_400“Does he know you … like I know you?”

(GIFs via HeavenBoundCas Tumblr)  

And now, the first ever #Gaytham tweet round-up!

Full recap coming this afternoon!

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