“The Good Wife” recap (6.1): The Most Popular Name in Chicago


Oh dear readers, it’s difficult to put into words how I’ve missed The Good Wife while it’s been on hiatus. Alicia Florrick and her fierce determination, Diane Lockhart’s collection of stylish eyeglass chains, that one expression that Cary makes, Kalinda’s leather jackets, Eli’s endless machinations. It’s actually right there, that we pick up this season. Eli is having a flash of an idea, while staring into the glorious visage of Alicia Florrick as Puccini’s “O Mio, Babbino Caro” soars in the background. When Eli asks her to run for State’s Attorney, she quickly shoots him down, wine glass in hand. When Eli pushes, Alicia utters the phrase that I’m sure she may rescind later in the season: “I’m never saying yes.”


Their conversation is interrupted by a phone call from Cary, who isn’t on board with Diane Lockhart joining Florrick Agos. He does however agree to a breakfast meeting. He then calls Kalinda to apologize for their less than ideal parting. She’s at a bar and he asks her to wait and meet up with him. Unfortunately for Cary, he’s not going to make that meeting because he is promptly arrested by two very angry cops, with guns drawn.

Kalinda gets another call while she waits at the bar, but this time, it’s a voice from her past. It’s as if all the times lesbians uttered into the wind, “God, I wish they’d bring Kelli Giddish back”, floated off, gathered strength in numbers and magically came true! There she is, well, the private investigator Sophia I mean. She’s calling to tell Kalinda she’s lonely and horny, but Kalinda isn’t in the mood to listen to gorgeous blondes prattle on about how much they desire her. She tells Sophia that’s too damn bad, plus she’s already meeting someone. However, when Cary doesn’t show up or pick up his phone (since he’s in the back of a cop car) she decides to call Sophia back.


At the station, Cary is handcuffed to a wall for six hours and not allowed to make a call. He still has no idea why he’s even there. Now that it’s morning, Alicia and Diane sit at their breakfast meeting, with no Cary. Diane wants to join the firm and bring her forty-five lucrative clients, but she has some stipulations. She wants an equal vote and to bring Kalinda along. Diane points out that Florrick Agos Lockhart would be the largest firm run by women in the country. This makes Alicia take pause at the sheer awesomeness of this possibility. Alicia asks her to wait until she can talk to Cary about these requests, then angrily leaves him another voicemail. When Alicia arrives at the office, it’s evident that Cary isn’t avoiding her. No one, not even Robyn knows where he is. Alicia spies Cary’s car still outside and a look of worry crosses her face.

Meanwhile, Cary’s drunken benchmate whispers that he overheard the cops talking about why Cary is being locked up. Drugs. Cary is baffled, then quickly escorted into a large, dark waiting area full of arrestees. There he spies the son of a client and hatches a plan to get word to someone that he needs help. When David Lee and Kalinda show up to represent the client’s son, he manages to tell them about Cary being in lockup.