“The Bridge” recap (2:11): Beholder


In their hideout, Fausto Galvan and Obregon get to work on making a video to send to Sebastian Cerisola. Romina, Cerisola’s daughter, is tied up and suffering through heroin withdrawal. Galvan and Obregon actually struggle a bit getting the video just right, and have to stop and start a few times. In the end, Galvan threatens Cerisola by telling the camera, if the authorities find him, he will execute Romina.

At the El Paso station, Sonya sits with agents from the CIA who want to discuss the Red Ridge incident and subsequent events. The mysterious CIA agent is there (still not giving us his name) as well as another agent (played by the always wonderful Adam Arkin) Sonya blurts out the fact that she knows the CIA was interfering with the DEA investigation, making the mysterious agent a little edgy and defensive. He accuses her of having a role in the breakdown of border security. (Never trust a dude who spits orange seeds into his hand.) Sonya tells them that she needs to speak to Eleanor, but she is told that Eleanor’s interview is now in the hands of the Department of Justice. So, no Nacht for you. In a roundabout way, the mysterious agent inquires about the ledger, but Sonya plays dumb, saying that everything in the Red Ridge house has been inventoried. As she leaves, the other agent asks if she is taking any medication. Rightfully offended by his digging into her personal files, she coldly says no.


Back in Juarez, Marco is on the scene of a vandalized shop. The shop owner cleans up as he explains that some thugs came in demanding money on a weekly basis, and when he couldn’t pay, they trashed the place. Marco offers to send a patrol car to keep an eye on the place, but the shop owner tells him that the cop will just demand a bribe as well. Marco leaves, disheartened.

Adriana and Frye show up at Agent McKenzie’s funeral, not to pay respects, but to get some dirt. We do find out that Lucy is doing well and getting her stitches out soon. They approach Mrs. McKenzie but when she finds out they are reporters, she gets upset. Frye manages to calm her, and asks if she recognizes the handwriting on the Euro note they received that set this whole investigation in motion. She says nothing about the handwriting, but mentions a special project her husband was working on in their garage. Naturally, Frye and Adriana head over to the garage and break in. They run in, grab some boxes full of files, and get the hell out.


As Marco is looking through some old pictures, Sonya shows up at his place and lets him know that Hank is doing much better. She tells him about getting kicked off of Eleanor’s case, and he reveals that he may know where Fausto Galvan is hiding out. His money is on an old hideout of his father’s. Fausto and Marco’s father became close when Fausto and Marco were teenagers. Marco wants to ask a State Prosecutor for his help in securing the Marines to root Galvan out. But first, he wants to tell the truth about the hotel shooting and asks Sonya to come with him. She agrees.

While Cerisola and his wife are watching a news report about the missing Galvan, he receives the video message. He lies to his wife, claiming it’s just from the office, but there is panic in his eyes.

At the State Prosecutor’s office, Marco asks for help with taking down Galvan. The prosecutor compares the Mexican and American governmental systems, saying there are both corrupt, and they both need the money from the drug cartels. Marco asks him to cut the shit and help arrange a meeting with the Marines, so Marco can get Fausto.

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