“Sisterhood of Hip Hop” recap (1.6): The female Pac


This week, we pick right back up with Diamond’s party in Miami. She’s kissing on her ex, Soulja Boy, while everyone looks on like “!?!?!”

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Diamond tells the sisters that they’re just friends and going to work together in the studio. They appease her for now.

Back in New York, Siya goes to Renaye’s hotel room. (WHERE IS THE DOG!?) They start to have a conversation, yet again, about how Renaye is sad and angry when Siya puts other things and people before her. “Me missing you is the problem!” Renaye explains, while they share some tenderness. “You think I don’t know when you feel some type of way?” Siya asks. “Of course I do!”

Renaye admits to the camera she can overreact sometimes, and they entangle their fingers and speak to each other lovingly while staring into one another’s eyes. Cute!

Nyemiah is doing an interview where she shows off her bitchy resting face. She’s so blase during the Q&A, its a wonder she got on this show! It’s so awkward. “I don’t have a bae,” she says. “There is no bae.” She has no interest in discussing relationships or guys or, well, anything. Sorry dude!

Next she’s doing a show in Queens for fans and bloggers. She lights up the stage with her spitting and twerking and people are loving Nyemiah Supreme.

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But after the show, she’s not interested in talking to the press. (How dare she ignore her bloggers!) Her manager, Alex, is not thrilled and gives her a talking-to backstage. Alex tries to explain that Nyemiah has to show off her cool personality off-stage just like she does on. Nyemiah promises to be better next time and Alex offers to set up an interview for tomorrow. Nyemiah is less than psyched.

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Down in Miami, Diamond is in the studio with Soulja Boy. He’s calling her a queen, telling her she’s a star — everything Diamond wants to hear. “We been A-1 since day one,” Diamond tells SB. He says he’s been working on beats for her, and she starts flowing: “Purple weave to match that drank!”

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Siya is in the studio, too, but she’s not with an ex — she’s with Travie McCoy of Gym Class Heroes. (They met on Twitter.) He notices she doesn’t look happy and she says she and Renaye are a little “rocky” at the moment. Travie sympathizes and listens to her complaints about Tank, too. Siya is so stuck. I want to reach through my TV screen and hug her.

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Travie says she doesn’t give herself enough credit, and luckily Siya feels better after talking to him. But she needs to meet with Tank, yet again, to get things popping.

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