“The Bridge” recap (2.10): Eidolon


This episode of The Bridge takes a step back in time, and allows us to see the events that transpired between Eleanor and Yovanni, before Yovanni was killed. It turns out that Eleanor caught Yovanni reading her ledger. He accuses her of skimming money from Galvan, which she denies. He promises not to tell anyone, if she lets him see her without her layers of clothing. He puts his hands on her, and she stabs him repeatedly in the neck. She then flees the vehicle while Yovanni’s dead foot slips and the car starts circling.

In an interesting turn, the opening scene of the second season, where Monte Flagg comes across a blood-soaked crime scene, was actually a flash forward to the aftermath of the cartel hit on the Red Ridge property. Inside, Monte finds a deceased Charlotte (but no Lt. Wade or the ledger) and the remaining survivors. Cesar is busy cleaning his wound, while Jamie drags the bodies out of sight. Eleanor has also been wounded, and Monte wants to take her somewhere she can receive medical attention. Cesar points out that Hank Wade is missing, along with the ledger, and she sends him off to find them both. Before she leaves, she writes an address on Jamie’s hands in marker so he doesn’t get lost while transporting the bodies.


Back at Sonya’s place, she’s recovering from her kidnapping ordeal. Marco comes by with food, but Sonya would rather get to arresting folks. Marco is down with that. Sonya reveals that the DEA has a man on the inside of Galvan’s operations. Marco, is worried that the DEA will let Galvan off with a deal. “He needs to pay for everything he’s done to you and my city,” he shouts. With that, the trust between him and Sonya is solidified once more. She thanks him for saving her from The Chopper.

On the way to a secret location, Eleanor bleeds all over Monte’s leather upholstery. She asks him, in the event of her death, to burn her so the demons can’t get to her. Monte is like, “suuuuuure,” but assures her that he’s got a doctor coming to tend to her.

Obregon has to break the news to Galvan that the hit on the house ended badly. Eleanor got away. Obregon offers to go and find Eleanor himself, but Galvan has other plans. If he can’t get to Eleanor, he’ll get to someone else.

A seriously injured Hank Wade drags himself across the dirt backyards of Red Ridge, pushing Eleanor’s ledger along with him. He leaves behind a trail of blood, one that Cesar is following. When Sonya and Marco arrive at the police station, Cooper informs them that Hank went off with the DEA to Red Ridge. Sonya has a bad feeling so she and Marco take off to find Hank. In the meanwhile, Hank tries to yell for help, but is stopped by Cesar.


When Sonya and Marco arrive at Red Ridge, they come across the bloody scene, but no Hank or anyone else for that matter. Cesar has dragged Hank away from the scene and hot-wired a car to make an escape. Cesar offers to let Hank live and tell Eleanor that he died, as long as he gives up the ledger. Hank pretends not to know what he’s talking about.

In the house, the crime scene crews have arrived and Sonya in in a guilt spiral. She blames herself for what has happened to Hank and the DEA agents. Marco reminds her that she was busy being kidnapped, so she’s kind of off the hook. Marco points out that he doubts this massacre wasn’t instigated by Eleanor.

Frye shows up at the El Paso Times offices, making everyone nervous, including Adriana. He tells her about the crime scene at Red Ridge, and straight up asks if she is still interested in working in the story. She’s in.


Monte pulls into a garage, where a doctor waits for him and Eleanor. The bullet went straight through Eleanor’s side, avoiding any major organs, so the doctor seems to think she’ll make it. Also on the way to the garage is Jamie and his van full of bloody corpses. Blood starts gushing out of the van, and splatters on a family’s windshield, before Jamie can pull over and get some lunch. That’s where the cops find him, his hands covered in blood and BBQ sauce. Inside the van, the cops find the half dozen bodies.


Cesar shows up at the garage with Hank in the trunk of his car. The doctor gets to work on him too. Eleanor hovers over the doctor as he tries to stabilize Hank. Monte bounces since he’s always one step ahead of the law, and leaves Eleanor alone with Hank and the doc.

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