“Sisterhood of Hip Hop” recap (1.5): Stank Faces


This week on Sisterhood of Hip Hop, Diamond is being interviewed on a radio show in Miami. She’s about to have a signing party, hosted by her label. “All my female emcee friends are flying down,” she says, even mentioning Nyemiah. She says she’s ready to take over the city. Small goals!

The next shot is Diamond standing up on the back of a hummer. “You better keep your man inside today because the girls are out!” she says. Bia and Brianna are with her and there is a ton of “WOOOOOOOOO” happening. Brianna says Kiki (her mom) isn’t in town so she’s going to have some fun. (I spy open containers.)

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They run into Nyemiah who is eating outside on the street. The other girls thought she had rehearsal which is why she wasn’t hanging with them. Nyemiah has resting bitch face, so everyone thinks she hates them, which she might. I’m not quite sure. Nyemiah is working on a video while she’s in Miami, and she explains there will be some dancing. Diamond takes her sunglasses off to ask if it’s the same dusty dancers she hated on at Nyemiah’s showcase. Nyemiah cooly explains she’s got new girls and invites them all to partake.

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Siya and Renaye are hanging by a pool in the MIA. “I’m here in the sun and New York is cold. Not really feeling that,” Renaye says. She wants to go jetskiing and get a tan. Siya has work to do, though, like going to a party and a video shoot. Siya has to hustle and network. “The more people see your face, the more they see you’re in the game,” Siya says. Renaye is pissed. She thought they were in Miami to work on their relationship. Nope, it’s all for this reality show she signed up for work.

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“If you wanna go ahead and work, go work,” Renaye says in her best passive aggressive lesbian fashion. She doesn’t know how going to a music video is work.

Siya is on the beach, watching Nyemiah doing her thing. “You killing it girl!” she says. She’s so supportive. “If we don’t stick together in this game, everything falls apart,” she tells the camera. Siya is seriously good people and I hope she’s successful in this industry, even though she says she knows she won’t fit in with the kinds of girls dancing in Nyemiah’s video with the booty shorts. She’s just there to show support, unlike the other female emcees, who didn’t show. Nyemiah acts like she doesn’t care if they like her but Siya wants to have everyone interact more. “I see it’s going to take some shell cracking,” she says, and Nyemiah offers that some margaritas might help.

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Diamond, Brianna and Bia are at a restaurant, still talking about Diamond’s party. She says it’s going to be a “grown and sexy” party, no cops or anything crazy she’s used to with Crime Mob. Diamond gets a text and rolls her eyes. She reveals it’s from Soldier Boy, her ex. She invited him to her party, and B&B are like “UMMMMMMMMMMMMM.” Diamond is always saying how she wants to move on from her past and associations with Soldier Boy, but then she does some shit like this. “I just wanted him to come by and see the growth of where I am,” Diamond says. Bia calls her out. “You looking like you got some type of thing going on inside,” pointing out Diamond’s smile when she talks about him. Basically it’s a terrible idea and Bia and Brianna think she’s crazy.

Siya and Renaye are out to dinner. “Where was you today?” Siya asked Renaye. Renaye said she was alone, but then Siya reminds her she went out with friends. Renaye is passive aggressive again, which Siya points out as her defense mode. This show has the most real lesbian relationship fighting I have ever seen on television. “You can go ahead and do whatever you do with your friends,” Renaye says, which translates into, “You chose Nyemiah over me and that pisses me off.” They are not on the same page but Siya wants Renaye to know there’s nothing to worry about, that she shouldn’t feel threatened by her female friends.

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“What do you want from me out of this relationship?” Renaye asks. Siya wants, you know, love and support. The fight turns into how Renaye is insecure and they debate semantics. Renaye makes her “You stupid” face and Siya knows she’s fighting a losing battle.

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