The promo for Season 2 of “Faking It” has arrived


BuzzFeed was the first to release an exclusive trailer for Season 2 of Faking It, and now we have it too. It does a lot of teasing in 60 seconds. (Warning: Lots of spoilers ahead, and in the links.)

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BF posted the clip along with a list of “14 Secrets,” but I’m making my own list of things that stuck out for me in this pile of spoilers.

1. It looks like Karma still pulls “oblivious straight best friend” moves that make Amy do that cartoon wolf thing where her eyes turn to hearts and bug out of their sockets. But Karma can’t even use the “I had no idea” excuse anymore. I’m sure Karma is just trying to get things back to the way they were, and I’m sure she’s not intending to be so, but tearing your shirt off in front of someone who has very recently admitted to being in love with you is just cruel.

2. Speaking of cruel, it sounds like Karma’s attempts to rekindle her friendship with Amy in Season 2 will confuse things just as much as their fake relationship did in Season 1.

faking it

This includes things like serenading Amy and hands-brushing-over-popcorn heartstoppers. The ride back to friendship will be a rocky one, and there’s no guarantee “Karmy” will get there in one piece. But there’s also no guarantee it won’t lead us right past friendship and into something more. (I’m a relentless optimist.)

3. Laverne Cox will be guest-starring as a drama teacher. This was secondary news since it was revealed in a full post the other day, but it’s still very exciting.

4. Whatever Lauren’s secret is makes Amy, Karma, and Liam do a unison gasp/backwards step that would make the Liars jealous. I literally can’t even guess what it could be, nor whether it has anything to do with the bedazzled S&M outfit Lauren’s boyfriend seems to be wearing in the clip, but I do know we’ll find out in the pilot, and I’m really excited to find out what it is.

5. And what I took away as the best news of all: There will be no de-lesbifying trope here. Unlike some shows-that-shall-not-be-named, Amy will not be magically cured of her feelings for Karma/girls after sleeping with Liam. Her Walk of Shame outfit is the actual cutest (and the gayest) as she processes her feelings with what appears to be a total stranger (even gayer). She tells her mom she’s confused and Shane sums up what’s probably going inside Amy’s head perfectly when he asks her, “Are you bi now? What does it all mean?!”

We’ll find out what it all means (and if Amy will have a brand new love interest) in two short weeks. Faking It returns to MTV on Tuesday, September 23.

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