“The Bridge” recap (2.9) – Rakshasa


This week’s The Bridge has no Frye or Adriana, which is a bummer but means that they are safe at least for one week. Not safe however? Everyone else. Eleanor and Cesar sit in his car, scoping out Sonya’s place. They see The Chopper carrying Sonya out over his shoulder. Eleanor instantly recognizes him as one of Galvan’s hired hit men. She also calls him a demon. As The Chopper lays the unconscious Sonya in the back of his van, the son of a bitch fondles her breasts before taking off.

In Juarez, Cerisola’s daughter is strung out on her boyfriend/dealer’s bed. She begs him for more drugs, even offering her body in exchange. He tells her no way, not until she gets more cash. She heads downstairs to an ATM, but is picked up by the cops who find drugs on her. When Marco arrives at the station, he finds out about her arrest and tries to help her. She wrongly assumes that she can buy her way out of this, but Marco suggests that she seek out some help.


While riding around town, stopping to get ice coffee and the like, Eleanor orders Cesar to bring Charlotte to her alone. Cesar, who is protective of Charlotte hesitates, but Eleanor promises that no harm will come of her if she follows orders. “You work for me now,” Eleanor informs him.

Lt. Wade is back in the office after his administrative leave. The FBI agents wait for him in his office and Wade gives them an earful about involving Sonya in their investigation. They tell Wade about a major takedown that will be happening soon, and wants to know if Wade wants in.


Cesar approaches Charlotte as she gazes longingly out at a woman running a horse. The life she had up until she got involved in this cartel mess.

While butchering a goat, Obreon shows Galvan how he’s quite the media sensation right now, his face all over the papers and online. Obregon lets him know that Robles turned on the cartel, but Galvan isn’t convinced that it was only him. He knows that Eleanor has betrayed him as well. Now he trusts no one, and isn’t about to take any orders for Cerisola or anyone else.

Speaking of Cerisola, he shows up to pick up his daughter, and thanks Marco for his assistance. For his help, Cerisola warns Marco that a hit has been put out on Sonya. Marco runs off to try and find her before it’s too late.


The Chopper parks his van in a remote location and pulls Sonya out of the back. She’s awake now and tries to fight back but she’s tied at the wrists and ankles. He tells her that he will make her death quick and bury her far enough that the animals won’t be able to eat her.

The rogue CIA agent meets up with Cerisola to issue him a warning. Galvan might be in hiding now, but he will come for Cerisola if he’s not caught first. Cerisola asks the CIA agent if he has what Eleanor wants to win over her allegiance. The CIA agent pops an acorn on the table. He sure does.

Marco shows up at the biker hang out where The Chopper is usually found. He grabs his henchman and tosses him up against the wall, screaming that he better give up the goods on the hitman. When that doesn’t work, Marco threatens to beat the life out of him. He handcuffs the man into his car and forces him to direct him to The Chopper’s whereabouts.


As The Chopper digs Sonya’s grave, she tries to hop away. She doesn’t get far though. She tells him that she’s not afraid to die, and he tells her that death hurts, a lot and maybe she should be. Then he wraps her legs in duct tape and sends her on her helpless way. He’ll catch up to her eventually, he says.

At Red Ridge, Eleanor, Charlotte, Jamie and Cesar surprise Chip Diaz who is setting up cookies and trying to make the place look spiffy. Eleanor sends Jamie off to get his “tool,” while Charlotte goes off to use the bathroom. And by “use the bathroom” I mean, send a help text to the FBI. Jamie emerges with a machete, and Eleanor confronts Chip about his slip of the lip to the police. Cesar and Jamie drag him into the kitchen where they suffocate him with a plastic bag. By the time Charlotte comes down from the bathroom, they are dragging Chip’s body away. Eleanor demands to see Charlotte’s phone, and promises Charlotte that her nightmare is nearly over. Soon, she will be free. Charlotte suddenly looks like she wishes she hadn’t sent that text.


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