“Sisterhood of Hip Hop” recap (1.4): Who’s the boss?


Lucky us—we’re still at the awkward hookah party we ended at last week! Diamond and Nyemiah are having the same fight over “dusty dancers” and Siya takes Diamond into the bathroom to “try and calm her down.” Siya tells the camera she hates when females in the game pull some shit like this: Hating on each other. Bia and Brianna are trying to calm Nyemiah down, supporting her and her performance from the other night.

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“I’m trying so hard not to get up and wile out on Diamond,” Nyemiah says, “But I have to remember I’m better than that.” She also has to remember she’s the one who threw shade at Diamond the first time she met her, acting like she didn’t know who she was or that she was with Crime Mob. They both have short term memories.

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Nyemiah thanks Diamond for her opinion and is legit cool about it. Diamond then invites them all to a party at a mansion, including Nyemiah. Oh lawd, this should be good. And by good, I mean terrible.

The next day, Bia, Brianna and Siya have lunch and talk about how Siya saved the day. Bia’s like “You put on the cape, Siya!” Siya is the peacemaker of all the Sisters.

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Brianna and her momager are going into meet with Atlantic Records, and Kiki (momager) is putting the pressure on her to know “what’s at stake.” She wants Brianna to be “a boss,” but Kiki is being B-O-S-S-Y. They have different ideas about Brianna’s career and its pacing.

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