Watch now! Season 1 of “Faking It” (Episodes 1-8)



With the Season 2 premiere of MTV’s Faking It just around the corner, you can now catch up on all of Season 1 right here. We have all eight episodes of the hit show about two best friends, Amy (Rita Volk) and Karma (Katie Stevens), who pretend to be a couple in order to gain popularity at their high school. Everything is going swimmingly until one of them realizes that she isn’t actually pretending.

Episode 1 – “Pilot”

Best friends Karma and Amy are mistaken for lesbians and decide to keep up the ruse when they’re nominated for Homecoming Queens.

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Episode 2 – “Homecoming Out”

Lauren threatens to out Amy to her conservative mother as Hester High gest ready for their first-ever same-sex Homecoming

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