Morning Brew – Geena Davis works closely with Calzona on “Grey’s Anatomy”


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Jessica Capshaw joins her Grey’s Anatomy cast and crew in attempting to explain the medical terms they use on the show.

Meanwhile, it looks like Calzona will be working closely with Geena Davis this season.



D Magazine has the story of a woman who came out, went through conversion therapy, but then emerged a stronger person because of it. She just married the woman of her dreams. Congrats!

Will Lucy Lawless play gay on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.? “There’s always a chance,” producer Jed Whedon teases.

Looking wants some lesbians (or “women to portray lesbians”) for extras on their new season.

Michelle Tea is on the cover of the new Hip Mama magazine.


Heather Morris is engaged to her longtime beau/babydaddy.

Brooke Candy is the Paper magazine cover girl this September and inside she talks about her sexuality.

“I identify as Q. It stands for Queer or Question mark. … I believe in sexual freedom, I promote it, but me personally? I haven’t had sex in six, eight months, maybe longer. I think to have sex you should be in love… I’ll meet the love of my life when I meet the person who can see through every layer I have that’s meant to distract you and throw you off. I’ve been mistreated and abused my whole life, so I have these barriers up and I’m waiting to find the person who sees through that.”


Another cover girl this month:  Carrie Brownstein for Bust. Her photospread is inspired by Lily Tomlin‘s The Incredible Shrinking Woman, and Bust writes about her wanting to keep her dating life to herself.

The interest might also be because she’s very particular about keeping her private life private. Though it’s been rumored that she’s dating Portlandia guest star and musician extraordinaire St. Vincent (aka Annie Clark), when her publicist snaps a pic of her on set at our photo shoot, she says that she can use it for her Tinder profile. (Either she was being sarcastic, or every single person in Portland should start swiping immediately). But Brownstein’s not interested in talking about her love life, or anyone else’s for that matter. “It kind of heightens the experiences and maintains a mythical quality to someone’s work, especially music, when I don’t know what they ate for lunch, who they’re dating, or what their favorite beer is,” she says, playing with the delicate gold bangle on her wrist. “I just don’t care. It doesn’t help me enjoy their music.”


They also mention how she was outed by Spin years ago while in Sleater-Kinney.

It’s no surprise that she keeps her romantic cards close to her chest. Brownstein was burned by media oversharing very early on, and the experience seems to have shaped her reticence with the press ever since. In August 1996, Spin published a profile on Sleater-Kinney, after their second album Call the Doctor was released. In it, the writer outed Brownstein as Tucker’s former lover (as Brownstein told Marc Maron on his WTF podcast in 2012: “Corin and I dated for, like, a second”), when the fact that she sometimes dated girls was something she had not yet discussed with her family. “It was very disorienting,” she says. “We were so excited about that [interview], it was one of the first big articles [about us] so mostly I just was annoyed ’cause it took all the excitement out of the experience. But I think it instilled in me very early on a sense of wanting privacy and not being very interested in having personal information be tantamount to the work itself. Like, it didn’t make anything about that article more interesting at all. Except that I then had to explain a lot of things to my family,” she says with a wry chuckle. “That was interesting.”

Jillian Michaels explains how to balance everything in your life, especially if you want to get fit.

Speaking of her partner and kids, they came out to The Dave Thomas Foundation For Adoption’s Kickball For A Home last week in LA.

Kickball For A Home - Celebrity Challenge Presented By Dave Thomas Foundation For Adoption

The Dave Thomas Foundation For Adoption's Kickball For A Home Celebrity Kickball Game

Want to hear Brandi Carlile‘s new album in the very studio it was recorded? Bid on the opportunity now before it gets up any higher.

Bisexual U.S. Rep. Kyrsten Sinema is one of MSNBC’s 30 in 30.

Linda Perry had Candice of Omar visit her personal stylist for a makeover in this web exclusive from Make or Break: The Linda Perry Project.

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Meredith Baxter says that being on a soap opera takes discipline she didn’t used to have. She has to know her lines and stuff!

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