Dumb things internet trolls said about lesbians on TV last night


In any good story, there is a protagonist and an antagonist. In the story of my life, and really anyone who’s every written or posted anything on the Internet, my most loathed archenemies are internet trolls. I’m not talking about those who hop on the internet, express an opinion, anywhere between vehemently positive or negative, and jump off. Or even those who have a punch line to offer, like when I recently posted about my grandfather being cryogenically frozen to which “a fan” responded, “What’s grandpa doing?… Chillin.” In fact, that is so good, you’d better believe that I will be stealing it for this year’s Christmas card.

The trolls I’m talking about are the mean-spirited, weak-minded individuals who, because of the anonymity provided by the World Wide Web, stand proudly behind computer screens and exploit their privilege, insecurities and phobias through viciously misplaced words and archaic stereotypes. It’s a juvenile behavior but, unfortunately, seems to be projecting heaps of deep seeded issues that lurk in the dark corners of our society. Just this week, Zelda Williams was forced to withdraw from social media because of Internet bullies. WHO WOULD DO THAT? Assholes on the Internet, that’s who.


That instance being one of the worst, tweets and comments continue to serve as platforms where ignorant stereotypes still prevail. It’s a place where a woman’s worth and her ability to be funny is based on her gender and race. This week, after out comedian Nikki Carr competed in the Last Comic Stand finals and Cameron Esposito performed a set on Conan, I found a ton of ridiculous tweets and comments. Quick tutorial: Opinions? Yes. Attacking peoples ideas, character and identity? GTFO.



Pssh, old news.


Huh. Seems like the only one whining like a baby is you.


QUICK! Tell me a dick joke.




You know, that minority BS.


I’m going to need to get you to define shtick for me again.


What year is it?


In short, we’re only being put on TV because being a lesbian comic is so chic. Good to know, trolls. Thanks for the intel.

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