Bex-Taylor Klaus cast as “bi-curious” teen in MTV’s “Scream” TV series


Bex Taylor-Klaus has been cast in the new Scream television adaptation for MTV, and she’s playing a little queer. Character sides indicate that Bex’s character, Audrey Jensen, “the bi-curious daughter of a Lutheran pastor who’s more arresting-looking than pretty. This artsy loner dreams of being a filmmaker and shares a close bond with tech genius Noah.”

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Bex replaces Amy Forsyth, who was originally cast in the role, and the pilot is being directed by out director Jamie Travis, who also worked on Faking It. Her character is the “former best friend” of the lead, Emma, played by Willa Fitzgerald. Emma is “a classic beauty whose looks and popularity hide a natural shyness and intellectual nature. Her new life with the “in crowd” leaves her estranged from her childhood best friend, Audrey.”

Since first meeting Bex as Bullet in The Killing, she’s been steadily cast as androgynous roles in shows like Arrow and House of Lies, as well as starring in the lesbian short film The Night is Ours. Let’s hope Scream is as good as the original 1996 movie, which spawned several less-great sequels.

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As a fan of Bex and the horror genre, I will definitely be watching. Now, who will Bex be getting bi-curious about?

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