Morning Brew – Katie Holmes could have played Piper Chapman


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Join us tomorrow for a live chat with Kiyomi McCloskey about Make or Break: The Linda Perry Project, or any questions you have about Hunter Valentine.


“I’m not homophobic — my ex-wife is a lesbian,” is the new “I don’t hate gay people — some of my best friends are gay!” Dear Richmond, California resident Mark Wassberg, you have no right to tell anyone they are “filth,” even if your wife left you for another woman.

Cosmopolitan has penned a post in defense of the take-downs of its recent lesbian sex guide. They even call us out for saying the illustrations use only femme looking women, which I will stand by. Yes, femmes exist (hi, I’m one of them!) but so do women with short hair and other androgynous looks, even while naked.

Speaking of, Bustle asked some lesbians what they thought of the positions. It’s a mixed bag.

Katherine Parkinson plays a pregnant lesbian on the new BBC series In The Club. A review said she’s “in love with her sperm donor” so I don’t know how this is going to work out so well.


Gigi Chao‘s dad has relented on the whole “get straight” thing and is making her vice-chairwoman of the board of his company Cheuk Nang. She’s so cute with her wife.


The Daily Mirror has an interview piece with a lesbian couple who fought anorexia together.

Glee is adding five new characters but none of the girls sound gay as of yet.

Katie Holmes as Piper Chapman? Apparently she met with Jenji Kohan about the role but was too busy. Seriously glad she had things going on. How interesting would that have been, though, with those Tom Cruise rumors surrounding Laura Prepon?

ASP- The World Surf League Cocktail Party

Legend of the Seeker‘s Tabrett Bethell spoke with NYCastings about kissing men and women on the show as bisexual Cara Mason.

To be honest I didn’t ever think twice about this. Being intimate with male / females was part of the character and it didn’t ever feel like an unsafe environment to express this creatively through my character. I’m sure I was probably spoken to about this and had support if needed but the memory doesn’t register as I just didn’t ever feel I had a problem with this. The juicier and darker my character got the more excited I got. BRING IT ON! And when I started to feel like I had a better understanding of Cara this process became rather thrilling. That’s what I love about being an actor – it gives you permission to do things you wouldn’t normally do. And how exciting to play a character that gets to enjoy the best of both worlds, both sexes, how fun! My mother became a mad fan of the show. She would call me in tears when watching Cara being tortured and I’d be like “Mum, chill, it’s a TV show, it’s not real. I’m still here, unharmed.”


Carrie Brownstein will complete Lost in Austen, a movie based on a UK television series that the late Nora Ephron had been working on. Big shoes to fill but I am confident Carrie can do it.

2014 Outfest Los Angeles Panel Discussion Of "Transparent"

Roseanne was on The Talk yesterday where she reunited with her TV daughter Sara Gilbert.


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