“Crossbones” recap (1.7): Beggarman


Foiled again! While seriously lacking any sort of premise outside of Lowe wanting to kill Blackbeard and everyone else wanting to kill Lowe, NBC’s Crossbones had promise. Sure, having two-time Academy Award nominee John Malkovich was great and all, but by “promise,” I of course mean their having a ruthlessly headstrong lesbian pirate.


In their final three episodes, seems the powers that be might have picked up what I was putting down, seeing that said fierce pirate, Nenna, monopolized the entire episode. We were also finally afforded the opportunity to see Blackbeard with a black beard, finally giving legitimacy to the show’s title.

While strolling through the island, Lowe is approached by one of the brothel workers, Nelly (Marisé Alvarez), who asks him to follow her back to his quarters. Once there, Nelly explains that Rose is missing and that Rose had mentioned someone on the island wishing her ill. She tells him that Rose had given her a letter to give to the Commodore should something happen to her. Seeing that The Commodore is incapacitated after having a hole drilled in his head in last weeks episode, Nelly gives the letter to Lowe. “Damn, it’s Nenna,” he says, identifying Nenna as the threat.


Lowe looks out the window to see Nenna staring up at him. So much for her mourning the loss of her ladylove. “She knows,” he says, “I can’t think of a worse enemy to make on this island than Nenna.”


Lowe, Nelly and Fletch go down to the market where Nenna is waiting. She accuses Lowe of stealing from her. Lowe offers that three of them won’t say anything about the letter’s existence as long as they all stay safe. If Nenna tries to harm any of them, the letter will go to the Commodore, and she will hang. Nenna refuses saying, “I won’t be in your debt, Tom,” to which he responds, “This isn’t a debt; we’re in check.” Nenna explains that she doesn’t play chess. Lowe offers to teach her. “I didn’t say I can’t play chess, I said I don’t,” she hisses before going on to threaten to kill them all unless he gives her what she wants. Lowe dares her to try before the trio scatters.


Nenna follows Lowe into a forest where he digs a hole in the sand and puts a box into it. Once gone, Nenna digs it up and finds a note inside that says, “You’re looking in the wrong place.” She rushes off in another direction while Lowe returns to the box, puts the real letter in it and buries the box again.


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