“The Amazing Race Canada” recap (2.3): Snakes and Liars


Word of the team’s upcoming journey to Hong Kong was greeted with squeals from nearly all of the remaining teams, siblings Sukhi and Jinder shouting the loudest as usual. Laura and Jackie were genuinely excited to return to Asia, seeing that is where they had gotten engaged.


The only team to outshine everyone this week was Rex and Bob Hope, as they pranced into the airport announcing their survival. “We’re baaaaack,” they shouted as Rex danced up to the rest of the teams. Narrowly avoiding elimination in last week’s second episode Rex explained, “We’re in loser last. Our goal is really to have redemption and move on.”


Once they touched down in Hong Kong, they were to first seek out a blessing from a group of monk at The Tian Tan Buddha. Having all arrived on the same flight, the playing field was leveled and the race was anyone’s game. My favorite married couple from Toronto, Laura and Jackie, found themselves quickly climbing up from 8th place, spending the first part of their trip navigating between the first three spots.


That was until the first Detour. Choosing between Master Chef and Kung Fu Master, the first challenge required teams to locate the restaurant Bo Innovation and its owner, MasterChef Canada“judge Alvin Leung. Leung would give the teams a 10-ingredient shopping list and send them off to the Wan Chai Wet Market to acquire the items.


The alternative challenge required teams to learn a “complicated” kung fu routine. Given that task, I would’ve have chosen the former but all but two teams knew better, and chose the latter. And this is why I’ll never be on The Amazing Race.

Having won two legs of the race so far, Mikkelson and Spooner used their Express Pass they had won on their first leg to, well, get a leg up on the competition.

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