“Crossbones” recap (1.6): A Hole in the Head


After last weeks tease at a lesbian relationship between Rose and Nenna on Crossbones, this weeks episode, “A Hole In The Head,” starts with what looks to be a lesbian orgy. It actually turns out to be Blackbeard “entertaining” a number of ladies in his bed but whatever, two girls kissed and that’s good enough for me. As has been his ailment through the last few episodes, he starts seeing visions of his long-lost wife, which would put a screaming halt to any orgy.

The hole in the head is in reference to the procedure Lowe intends to perform on Blackbeard, drilling into his skull in order to relieve pressure and, in turn, the demons that have been haunting his thoughts. After returning from his trip to obtain said drill, he is welcomed home by Fletch and his ladylove, Kate.

Nenna having been on the trip with a covert mission of her own, returns to find Rose waiting in her beach house. Telling her that she missed her and immediately demanding gifts in the same breath saying, “What do you have for me? A gift for your sweetheart,” seems to define the term “gold digger.”


It makes very little sense why someone as assertive as Nenna would put up with such a repeated and baseless request. Telling Rose that she has great need of the money, and that what she had is all gone Rose assures her that, “There is always more.” Referring to Nenna as “mine,” she goes on to explain that Nenna will do whatever she wants. “You’ll give me everything,” she explains as she begins to disrobe, “and I’ll give you happiness. I’ll make you happy. Let me make you happy.”


Nevermind, it’s all starting to make perfect sense.

Selima questions Lowes time in Jamaica and later forbids Blackbeard to get the surgery, skeptical of Lowe’s intentions.

Nenna goes to her secret hiding place and begins digging up her treasure chest as Rose approaches, having followed her to the site. Without hesitation she asks, “So, what was the plan? Move it? Ship it off the island?” She kneels down next to Nenna as Nenna begs her not to open the chest. Not heeding her warning, Rose opens it to find it empty. Nenna stands, and slits Rose’s throat, pushing her into the empty chest and burying it. One has to wonder, was that her plan all along or is she an opportunist? Either way, I’d say that put a quick stop to a further relationship between the two.


When Lowe gets back home, Kate throws herself into his arms and kisses him. He confesses to having been ordered to kill Blackbeard. They argue, her breaking glass over his head and him ultimately smothering her while Selima leads the hunting party looking for Fletch and Lowe. Charlie, Nenna and James find Kate on her bed, dosed with wine and opium. James instructs Charlie to kill Lowe.

In the cave where Lowe discovered the barrels of gunpowder, he requests that the Commodore come away with him. He tells him of his plan to kidnap him before they fight, stumbling out of the cave just in time for the angry mob to witness the Commodore lay out Lowe. Once triumphant, the Commodore says there’d be no profit in attacking Jamaica and that Lowe has been incorrect in all of his assumptions so far. He asks Charlie and Selima what he should do with Lowe, but he already has the answer, helping Lowe up he decides, “Let’s go drill a hole in my head and let the demons out.”

Not seeming too terribly upset over having just murdered her ladylove, Nenna goes to Rose’s room and starts rummaging for the letter that Rose had originally threatened her with. As Rose had previously explained, “My letter to The Commodore, to be delivered to him should I come to an unforeseen end. It mentions you.” Almost getting caught by one of Rose’s girls, it’s probable that one of them holds the letter which, fingers crossed, might lead to further trysts in order for Nenna to find it.


Having killed off Rose, Crossbones still has the opportunity to create further Sapphic storylines with Nenna. I may be biased, but I think she is the most dynamic and mysterious character of the show, which would allow for the writers to take her story arc in any direction. Here’s hoping for some more lez action!