“Seed” premieres tonight on The CW


The CW will air the Canadian sitcom Seed beginning tonight at 9:30 p.m. and here’s why you care: There are two gorgeous lesbian moms. Amanda Brugel is Michelle Krosnoff and Stephanie Anne Mills is her partner Zoey Jones. Together they have a 9-year-old son named Billy who they conceived through a sperm donor. That sperm donor, Harry (Adam Korson), is “a likable bachelor and bartender, eager to reap the benefits of fatherhood, without having any of the responsibility.”


Of course Billy and other products of Harry’s sperm want to connect with their “father,” despite their parents’ disapproval. (Duh!) The CW press description of the women says that Zoey is “the free-spirited ‘lipstick lesbian,'” and “unlike her wife Michelle, however, Zoey warmly welcomes Harry into their home.” Michelle “is tough and protective of her wife Zoey and son Billy” and “wants nothing to do Harry.”



Despite their outdated terminology and the woman of color always being the hard ass, I’m hoping for some non-offensive humor and another lovable lesbian couple on our TVs. Canadians can probably help us out with this one: Is Seed worth a go?