“112 Weddings” includes a lesbian couple in its discussion on marriage


Tonight on HBO, a filmmaker who has filmed over 100 weddings in his career follows up with 112 of the couples he’s shot for to find out what they thought marriage would be, and what it really is. Doug Black‘s documentary includes one lesbian couple among the otherwise straight husband and wives, and they are Anna Conlan and Erica Beckman, who are wedding photographers themselves.

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“I had the privilege of meeting Anna and Erica while we were all on a job shooting a same sex wedding, which was just months before they were to get married themselves,” Doug says of meeting the two. “While we were on breaks, we wound up chatting quite a bit about marriage, and I felt their perspective as a gay couple would be valuable for the film. In the course of revisiting so many wedding couples … I often wondered why signing a marriage contract makes such a difference in long-term relationships. So I asked Anna and Erica why that was so important to them, as opposed to simply living together.”

Equal marriage remains a huge issue for the LGBT community, but we don’t often discuss what it’s like to be actually married.

“I totally hear our queer friends who just think marriage is not what we should be fighting for, it should be abolition of marriage,” Anna said. “But I think you can’t just deny the reality that that is how society is structured today and in order to have an equal place in that, I don’t know, it makes sense to get married.”


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It’s good to know that there will be at least two voices from the community included in 112 Weddings, because even though every marriage (gay or straight) has its similarities, we also have our own subset of difficulties and issues that can affect how we relate to and with our partners. It could basically be an entire film of its own.

Anna and Erica live in Brooklyn with their adorable baby. Erica is behind the popular queer calendar I Heart Brooklyn Girls and has shot famous faces like Melissa Ferrick and Heather Matarazzo.

112 Weddings airs tonight on HBO at 9 p.m. EST.

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