“Rookie Blue” recap (5.03): Friendly Fire


Previously on Rookie Blue, Gail had a bit of a meltdown but Holly talked and kissed her back to normal, everyone who almost died got better, and Andy got saddled with a new Rookie who is kind of the worst.

Said Rookie is boxing with Nick, and apparently not just for fun. Andy and Nash come in and ask questions about an event that the Rookie is prepping for. We find out what it is after Oliver finishes giving his orders for the day: Tonight is Fight Night (which I think they technically spell Fite Nite, but as Spencer Hastings would say, “That’s not how you spell ‘night.'”) But first, the officers of 15 Division have to go on a scavenger hunt of sorts; they’re each given a list of items bought by dirty money that they have warrants to seize. It’s a city-wide event and it’s every Division for themselves.

Gail and Dov are partnered for this task, and Gail chats with Holly on the phone while Dov drives. She’s giggling and smiling while she confirms plans to meet her girlfriend at the Penny tonight. Dov can’t believe she’s ditching Fight Night for a girl, but Gail points out that she doesn’t even know the Rookie fighting…in fact, until Dov said his real name, she was under the impression it was Gerald. Which is what he shall henceforth be known.

When given the chance to elaborate, Gail says that she’s meeting Holly’s friends for the first time. Dov points out that she makes a terrible first impression, so having the meeting at the Black Penny is probably for the best. He also says that her “ambiguous sexuality” might make them think that Gail’s not serious about Holly, but Gail thinks it’s about time for him to shut his trap. Dov says he thinks about Gail and Holly all the time…but wait, that came out wrong. Gail says HE came out wrong, because she’s the best one.

RB 503-1Snarky Gail is having none of this.

When Gail and Dov show up at the house they’re meant to raid, Chloe’s legal husband, Wes, and his partner are already there, meaning they get first dibs. When Wes calls Gail “Peck”, his partner says, “What are you, the chicken police?” because she’s punny like that. When Gail snarks at her, Officer Chicken Police asks if she hurt Gail’s feelings. Dov says she doesn’t have any and they all head inside.

Since Wes and Officer Chicken Police are the lead on this case, Dov and Gail are banished to the basement. While Dov uses every muscle in his little body to move the washer, Gail sits on the dryer. Finally she hops off and says she’ll unplug it for him…if he helps her move it. When they do move the dryer, they find a safe behind it. While the safe-cracking team (that surely has a fancy acronym that escapes me at the moment) gets to work, Dov and Gail speculate as to what could be inside. Gail guesses a severed head, because she was that kid using a magnifying glass to fry ants on the sidewalk.

RB 503-2After Golly, Gail + Side-eyeing Dov is my second favorite ship on this show.

Wes decides that his Division gets to bank the cash as their loot, but 15 Division can keep the cards, since he figures they’re probably not worth much anyway. As they’re leaving, Officer Chicken Police says, “See you around, Peck,” like she might want to get pecked herself.

Back at the station, Dov and Gail work with Nash to trace the cards back to an abandoned warehouse, and act shady when Oliver asks them what they’re up to, since this wasn’t technically on their to-do list for today.

While they peruse the warehouse, Dov asks Gail about Holly again. He insists he’s just worried about her, but Gail promises that she’s not fooling around; she’s serious about this relationship, and she only needs to convince Holly of that, not him. Gail says that Holly is great; she’s a smart, sexy librarian type. They have nothing in common, so they have plenty to discuss, and they don’t fight because Holly doesn’t have that knee-jerk reaction to Gail’s button-pushing tendencies. Gail says what she has with Holly is different, but better. In fact, she think SHE might be better for it. And you know? I think so, too.

Before she can go on with her Ode to Holly, Gail and Dov stumble across some people doing some shady dealings in the warehouse. When Oliver and the Commissioner show up, it’s hard to tell which one of them is more pissed. Actually, I take it back. The Commissioner definitely is; he threatens to put them on desk duty until the rapture if they go against orders again, even though Oliver sticks up for them.

Later that night, Gail is at the Black Penny with Holly and company.

RB 503-3Holly is fantastic, so surely her friends will be too, right? RIGHT?

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