“Orphan Black” recap (2.10): Unconditional Surrender


Previously on Orphan Black, Rachel took Kira, Donnie took Leekie’s life, Delphine took Leekie’s position at the DYAD, doctors took Kira’s bone marrow, and Helena took her harvested eggs and got the hell out of dodge, leaving a fire in her wake.

We open on Sarah being stripped and poked and prodded and interrogated. Mixed in with this horror is a flashback of Sarah and Mrs. S fighting about what happened at the hospital, while poor Felix, coming off whatever drug Rachel shoved in his neck, starts to panic and blame himself for Kira’s kidnapping. In the middle of all the yelling, Sarah just stops and hugs Mrs. S. She still doesn’t know how Mrs. S plays into all this, but she knows she loves Kira, so Sarah trusts her to do what she needs to in order to keep Kira safe. Mrs. S tells her to be strong, and Sarah leaves.

Sarah sits before an unseen source and tells them that her name is Sarah Manning and she is surrendering. She calls it “unconditional surrender” but I imagine Sarah has conditions such as, “Let my daughter go.” She is handcuffed and put in a room, where a man comes in to have her sign a contract. His name is Dr. Nealon and he’s all, “Hey remember that time you were examined in your sleep against your will? That was me! Small world, eh?” He tells them that they are going to harvest Sarah’s eggs next time she’s ovulating and need her consent. Sarah scoffs at the contract—I mean, what good are legal documents in an illegal experiment?—but signs it anyway, on the condition that she can see Kira.

OB 210-1See, told you. Conditional.

In her little creeptastic room, Kira tries to resist having her mouth swabbed by a nurse. Eventually she caves, but she swipes the nurse’s cell phone out of her pocket when she leans in like the good little grifter her mother raised her to be. She dives under the covers and dials the first number that comes to mind.

Somewhere else in the DYAD, Rachel and Delphine are riding an elevator, and Rachel tells Delphine that she’s no longer assigned to 324B21; in fact, she’s being sent to Germany. Delphine is distraught. She feels used, she didn’t even get a chance to say goodbye. Rachel coolly says it’s not personal; people get the things they love taken from them, that’s just the way of the world. Well, Rachel’s world. Delphine is desperate now, “I love her, and if you let her die without me, it is personal.” Because can you imagine believing you can help save the love of your life, not trusting that they’ll save her if you go. Can you imagine being told that the last time you saw the person you love most in this world might have been the last time? Having the chance to say goodbye be taken from you, not because it’s not possible, not because you ran out of time, but because there are cruel people standing in your way? And what’s worse, the cruelest of them all, the person causing you the most pain, shares the same face as the woman you love.

OB 210-2Pauvre petit chiot.

While this is going on in the Elevator of Sadness, Cosima is being told that she’s being assigned a new physician, that Dr. Cormier is no longer in charge of her care. Cosima and Scott fight against this, demanding to know why and giving a thousand reasons why this makes absolutely no sense. But then Cosima gets an email. From “Eskimo Pie,” subject: Urgent. The body of the email simply says, “It’s up to you now,” but Cosma knows what it means. She switches gears then, saying she’s sure the new physician will be great. Scott is tres confused but Cosima ignores him and asks if she can see Sarah or at least Kira.

OB 210-3Cosima “my girlfriend is saved in my contacts under an adorable nickname” Niehaus

Also in that email Delphine sent to Cosima is Rachel’s itinerary. At 1PM, Sarah Manning is booked for an OR with Dr. Nealon, so Cosima and Scott have to come up with a plan.

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